About us The Beck IPC GmbH - Your embedded technology partner for embedded-systems and industrial IoT

Beck IPC GmbH is the supplier in the embedded market for comprehensive technologies in the fields of control, communication and visualization for your automation requirements.

The base technology – the IPC@CHIP® – together with add-on technologies provides a wide range of effective solution approaches, whether as a module for user developments or through development services.

The com.tom Gateway products are available for you as a technology carrier in all the above areas as an “off the shelf” solution.

Both in the embedded field as well as in the M2M business, at Beck you will always find the right support.

Story From the industrial PC to the IoT@CHIP® - a success story

  1. 1992

    The „DIN RAIL-PC“ 186 - 586 Processor, DOS- and PLC-Operating system, Ethernet

  2. 1998

    The „DOS-PLC“ Am186-Processor, DOS- and PLC-Operating system, Ethernet, integrated Modem, Controller and Alarming per SMS

  3. 2000

    The first WebController on an „SingleChip“ 80186 with 20MHz

  4. 2005

    High-Speed 96MHz Processor,Real-time multitasking OS, Ethernet, TCP/IP, CAN, USB. The first Plattform for IoT

  5. 2009

    Maximal performance for powerful PLC applications

  6. 2011

    By introducing the com.tom Gateways it is the first time that an automation system is permanently connected live to the internet, the first Beck portal system goes online

  7. 2015

    The second generation of live data portal goes online, IT security, performance and latency make any machine and installation IoT ready

  8. 2016

    The third generation of IPC@CHIP® transforms to IoT@CHIP®. 528MHz ARM Processor. Linux as basic 0s for the Beck RTOS, compatibility since 16 years

Credentials Beck IPC GmbH is enthusiastic about customers worldwide

Since the year 2008 Beck has more than 600.000 IPC@CHIP® sold into industrial applications. The most important reason were flexibel communication interfaces, the real time operating features and the unbeatable time to market effect.

Quality Beck IPC GmbH offers them certified quality.

TÜV SÜD IS0 9001

Our staff are committed to following and further dveloping our defined processes and procedures, so that we incorporate quality into our products automatically. Our products and also our services are therefore “designed to quality”. For the benefit of our customers.

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One measure of how seriously we pursue quality is the fact that our staff are assessed against quality objectives. Controlled and accompanied by a consistent quality management system.

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