RTOS X86Operating System

IPC@CHIP® RTOS is equipped with a File System, which are separated from applications. This allows the user to develop several applications/tasks onto the multitasking RTOS.
Standard application EXE files are transferred to the file system using the FTP Server function and are executed on the RTOS by EXE Loader. The File System also allows web page developing using standard Java applets and other standard web development tools in combination with the preinstalled Web Server.
The integrated Command shell allows control of the operating system basic functionalities using a Telnet Client or a Serial terminal connection. Well documented API together with a complete software library, allows an easy communication between your applications and all the IPC@CHIP® functionalities in hardware and software. Huge database of examples in hardware and software (source code included) is available in the download section and could be very helpful in the realisation of your application.

Multitasking Operating System

High-performance real-time multitasking

RTOS file system for

TCP/IP stack

TCP/IP services and applications

EXE loader

Applications Programmer Interface (API)


IPC@CHIP® RTOS API Documentation The documentation of the RTOS API below is intended to be used for all members of the IPC@CHIP® family SC1x/SC2x/SC1x3 . Every function contains the indication for which IPC@CHIP® controller and from which RTOS version on the function is valid.index.htm


SC1x3 @CHIP-RTOS version 2.07 ReleaseThe ZIP file contains the SC1x3 RTOS for the IPC@CHIP® SC123/SC143.SC1x3V0207Release
EN | 19.01.2021 | ZIP | 768 KB
SC2x @CHIP-RTOS version 2.07 ReleaseThe ZIP file contains the SC2x RTOS for the IPC@CHIP® SC2x.SC2xV0207Release
EN | 19.01.2021 | ZIP | 763 KB


CHIPtoolThe CHIPtool software allows configuration of the IPC@CHIP® controller within the network, the download of new @CHIP-RTOS and the generation of a complete software image for series programming.
Support the Enhanced Bootloader security of Bootloader V1.20 and RTOS-LNX V2.xx.
EN | 28.10.2020 | EXE | 2.59 MB


C-Lib V3.01 SRCThis file includes the source code of the libraries. It allows the experienced developer to extend and to modify the available libraries to his own
EN | 28.05.2018 | ZIP | 1.58 MB

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