RTOS PPCOperating System for PowerPC

The real-time operation system RTOS-PPC is a further development of the proved and tested Beck operation system RTOS.
It is preinstalled on each IPC@CHIP® SC2x3 and can be updated from the computer via chip-tool application using TCP/IP or via RS232. User applications are developed into individual, rechargeable executables. Thus, operation system and application are clearly separated. The RTOS-PPC also supports the Memory Management Unit (MMU) of the power PC processor to shield application programs and operation system against each other.
C/C++ applications are decoded through the ONE workbench, transmitted into the internal IPC@CHIP® file system via FTP and executed by the Executable Loader on the RTOS-PPC. Separation between data system and RTOS with integrated web server allows for development of websites, using all standard web development tools like Macromedia Flash, Java Applets, …
The integrated "Command Shell" offers the option to control the basic function of the operation system via Telnet client, SSH client or serial interface. A favorably documented API as well as a complete software library enables easy communication between its application and all other IPC@CHIP® functions in the systems hard- and software.

Multitasking Operating System

Features and upgrading of the RTOS-PPC

High-performance real-time multitasking

RTOS file system for

TCP/IP stack

TCP/IP services and applications

Executable loader

Applications Programmer Interface (API)


IPC@CHIP® RTOS-PPC API documentation The documentation of the RTOS-PPC API below is intended to be used for all members of the IPC@CHIP® family SC243 . Every function contains the indication for which IPC@CHIP® controller and from which RTOS version on the function is valid. index.html


SC2x3 @CHIP-RTOS version 1.91 ReleaseThe ZIP file contains the SC2x3 @CHIP-RTOS-PPC for the IPC@CHIP® SC243.SC2x3V0191Release
EN | 19.01.2021 | ZIP | 458 KB


CHIPtoolThe CHIPtool software allows configuration of the IPC@CHIP® controller within the network, the download of new @CHIP-RTOS and the generation of a complete software image for series programming.
Support the Enhanced Bootloader security of Bootloader V1.20 and RTOS-LNX V2.xx.
EN | 28.10.2020 | EXE | 2.59 MB

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