RTOS LNXOperating system based on the Linux kernel

The @CHIP-RTOS-LNX is a new operating system from Beck, which no longer uses a proprietary real-time kernel, but is based on the Linux kernel with real-time extensions. The goal of the @CHIP-RTOS-LNX is to hide most of the complexities of a Linux system and to present itself to the user as a well-known @CHIP-RTOS while maintaining a high compatibility to the existing @CHIP-RTOS API.

The operating system is still pre-installed on the IPC@CHIP® and can be updated as usual via the CHIPTOOL application. It offers the well-known services such as web server, FTP server, Telnet and SSH. Applications can be written in C/C++, compiled with the Eclipse- and GNU-based ONE-Workbench development environment and transferred via FTP into the file system of the IPC@CHIP®. The integrated "Command Shell" offers the possibility to control the basic functionalities of the operating system via a Telnet client, SSH client or via a serial interface.

Multitasking Operating System

Real-time multitasking

RTOS file system for

TCP/IP Stack

TCP/IP services and applications

Executable loader

Applications Programmer Interface (API)


IPC@CHIP® RTOS-LNX API DocumentationThe following documentation for the RTOS-LNX API is available for the Embedded Controller IPC@CHIP ® SC145 and SC165.index.html


SC1x5 @CHIP-RTOS-LNX Version 1.22 – Open-Source PackageThe file contains the source code of the (L)GPL components used in the SC1x5 RTOS-LNX.SC1x5V0122-rtos-lnx-...tar.gz
EN | 19.07.2018 | GZ | 200.63 MB
SC1x5 @CHIP-RTOS-LNX version 1.22The ZIP file contains the SC1x5 RTOS-LNX for the IPC@CHIP®
EN | 19.07.2018 | ZIP | 11.99 MB

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