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RM01Bluetooth / Wireless LAN

Radio combo modul for SC1x5. Host interface via SDIO. Driver library with "API Interface" for flexible integration into the application. With TCP/IP stack and TCP/IP services of the IPC@CHIP® RTOS-LNX.

Supported IEEE 802.11 standards: a/b/g/n. Supported Bluetooth Standards: 4.0 (2.1+EDR, LE). Several, also mixed, operating modes, available.

U.FL Antenna connection for external WLAN antenna. VPE 24.

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RM01ProductionCombi ModuleModule571130On Demand


RM0x API DocumentationThe documentation of the API below is intended to be used for Bluetooth / Wireless LAN-Modul RM0x.index.html


RM01RM01 datasheetDS_RM01_V1.pdf
EN | 21.12.2016 | PDF | 99 KB


RM01 Driver library and examplesContains the RM01 driver library with API documentation and required header files. Source code examples provided as templates enable the easy and fast realisation of own customized RM01 driver applications.
Note: WlLib_V0212 and BtLib_V0102 requires RTOS-LNX V2.01
EN | 29.05.2019 | ZIP | 395 KB
EN | 03.06.2019 | ZIP | 519 KB
RM0x Kernel driverIncludes drivers for RTOS LNX/SC1x5..
Note: V02.11 Require RTOS-LNX V2.11
EN | 22.04.2020 | GZ | 512 KB

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