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Edition of the well-known Paradigm C++ Professional development environment. The latest integrated C/C++ development environment for the IPC@CHIP® Embedded Web Controller family.

The compiler generates program code that is up to 15 % more compact. The RTOS API and C Library documentation have been integrated in the Help system, and new functions in the Editor, such as Visual Assist and Source Code Browsing, simplify daily development tasks.

The Beck IPC Edition of the Paradigm C/C++ Compiler is a state-of-the-art integrated development environment (IDE) for creating C and C++ programs for the whole IPC@CHIP® controller family.

The state-of-the-art software development environment for the IPC@CHIP®

The Paradigm C/C++ Compiler supports the 24-bit address mode required for the new IPC@CHIP® SC123 and SC143 series. Compared to the Borland Compiler V5.02 however, the Paradigm also offers some benefits for the IPC@CHIP® with a 20-bit address space (SC13, SC11 and SC12).

A clear benefit for you is the fact that the Paradigm Compiler not only offers ensured use on future Windows versions but also generates program code for SC13, SC11 and SC12 that is up to 15% more compact - a real benefit for every customer!

Other benefit: Compatibility
The Paradigm C/C++ Compiler is source code compatible with the Borland C/C++ Compiler Version 5.02. Existing source codes can be accepted without the need for any modifications. The Paradigm Compiler also works with the Beck Remote Debugger for IPC@CHIP®. Changing from Borland 5.02 to the Paradigm Compiler can therefore be carried out without any problem.

RTOS API documentation and C library
The IPC@CHIP® RTOS API documentation is incorporated in the Help system of the development environment. The API C libraries come also already integrated and are thus available directly to the user for developing the application.

Visual Assist
Visual Assist is a powerful enhancement for the Editor and supports you in automatic code generation. Visual Assist intuitively completes your functions, starts macros and offers suggestions for code optimization. You just have to press the Tab key at the start of a symbol and Visual Assist completes the operation.

Minimum system requirements

Technical specifications

Support - We are always there for you!
Technical support for this product is provided exclusively by Beck IPC GmbH.

The Beck Edition generates code for IPC@CHIP® Controllers exclusively. Other controllers are not supported.

Paradigm Closing Notes
Paradigm Systems has closed its doors. But they provide files to continue using the products. Further Informations and downloads you will find here: Paradigm Systems

Product Status Information Scope of delivery Order no Price/item
Paradigm C/C++ Beck IPC EditionMatureNo sale or shipment of CD or dongle. "Dongle Bypass" download is avaiable.Only download.541522
Paradigm C/C++ Beck IPC Edition DemoObsoleteParadigm C/C++ Edition 40 days demoCD54795591,00 Euro*


Paradigm C/C++ Beck IPC EditionInformation sheetis_paradigm_compiler_de_v5.pdf
DE | 04.11.2008 | PDF | 36 KB
EN | 04.11.2008 | PDF | 35 KB


Programming in C++ version 2.0 References and recommandations regarding programming in C++ on the IPC@CHIP® Controller.
EN | 31.01.2006 | ZIP | 83 KB
EN | 31.01.2006 | PDF | 215 KB
Paradigm Project to ONE Workbench ProjectAN_Paradigm_to_ONE-W...v01.pdf
EN | 01.12.2016 | PDF | 290 KB
C Compiler Migration from Borland C++ 5.02 to Paradigm C/C++ Beck IPC Edition. AN_Migration-Borland...igm.pdf
EN | 14.09.2005 | PDF | 120 KB


Paradigm C/C++ Beck IPC Edition Compiler for IPC@CHIP® version 7.00.054 Paradigm Systems has closed its doors. But they provide files to continue using the products. Further Informations and downloads you will find here: Paradigm Systems BeckEditionBuild54.exe
EN | 01.07.2014 | EXE | 65.22 MB
Debug@CHIP Version 1.24 Debug@CHIP for Windows is a Source Level Remote Debugger for the target CPU's SC1x/SC2x/SC1x3.
The debugger supports tracing, watches, breakpoints for Borland C and Paradigm C applications.
For further information look inside the User Guide, which is part of this installation.
EN | 20.11.2017 | EXE | 2.36 MB


C-Lib V3.01 SRCThis file includes the source code of the libraries. It allows the experienced developer to extend and to modify the available libraries to his own
EN | 28.05.2018 | ZIP | 1.58 MB

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