IoT@CHIP Starter kit

Live data is essential today for the correct control of decentralized systems. The Kolibri - M2M Platform offers the perfect solution for this. All components for an industrial IoT application are available and synchronized.

Cloud Broker: Handle all necessary processes for incoming and outgoing data, including configuration management and data security.

Kolibri Protocol: The Kolibri Protocol is a secure, bi-directional, WEB based protocol to exchange data between the process level and the secure server. It has been specially designed for low latency and low data volume for industrial communication.

Kolibri Library: The library allows easy implementation of a Kolibri producer application. The library implements the Kolibri protocol for communication with the Kolibri broker and provides the application with an API for configuration and transfer of data.

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IoT@CHIP Starter kitKit for rapid development of own IoT applicationsOne year access to com.tom PORTAL, extensive documentation to Kolibri571210On Demand


Starter kit IoT@CHIPIS_StarterKit-IoT@CH..._V1.pdf
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Kolibri libraryIS_KolibriLibrary_DE_V1.pdf
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Kolibri library APIThe documentation of the API below is intended to be used for Kolibri libraryindex.html

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