IIoTIIoT solutions for IPC@CHIP

Many automation applications require a continuous exchange of information beyond the control level and management systems to the industrial version of the Internet of Things. These concepts are called "Industrial Internet of Things" IIoT.
The IPC@CHIP solution opens up a multitude of implementation options for these current requirements.

OPC UA bridges the gap between the IP-based IT world and the OT world. All data of the production process can be transferred via a single protocol - whether within a machine, between machines or between a machine and a database.
The "OPC-UA@CHIP" library provides a solution for the IPC@CHIP® SC1x5 products with @CHIP® RTOS-LNX. The library is based on the "Flex OPC UA SDK" from Matrikon. The library is only available in binary form and on request.

The protocol developed in 1999 is a lean and simple publish/subscribe solution. MQTT clients and brokers are available as Open Source. MQTT is recommended as IoT protocol in all applications where an MQTT broker with specified coding and data formatting is specified.
For an easy introduction to MQTT with IPC@CHIP® we offer a sample program with the "Eclipse Paho MQTT C client" library.

The Kolibri protocol is a secure, bidirectional, WEB-based protocol for exchanging data between the process level and the secure broker. It´s the fastest and most efficient IIoT protocol in operational use.
The Kolibri library for the IPC@CHIP® family and the com.tom portal make it easy to implement an IIoT solution. The library implements the Kolibri protocol for communication with the broker and offers the application an API (Application Programming Interface) for configuration and data transfer.


OPC-UA@CHIPInformation sheetIS_OPC-UA@CHIP_DE_V2.pdf
DE | 15.01.2019 | PDF | 78 KB
EN | 15.01.2019 | PDF | 77 KB
MQTT for IPC@CHIP®Information sheetIS_MQTT@CHIP_DE_V2.pdf
DE | 15.01.2019 | PDF | 147 KB
EN | 15.01.2019 | PDF | 146 KB
IIoT Protocol ComparisonComparison of some key functions of Kolibri, MQTT and Rest.IS_IIoT Protocol Com..._V1.pdf
EN | 10.01.2019 | PDF | 37 KB
Kolibri libraryInformation sheetIS_KolibriLibrary_DE_V1.pdf
DE | 03.03.2017 | PDF | 53 KB
EN | 03.03.2017 | PDF | 53 KB


Kolibri library APIThe documentation of the API below is intended to be used for Kolibri libraryindex.html


DK151/DB150 Web Demo IoT@CHIPIoT@CHIP example for com.tom PORTAL (Kolibri)
EN | 11.01.2019 | ZIP | 2.96 MB
DK151/DB150 MQTT Demo IoT@CHIPIoT@CHIP example with
EN | 11.01.2019 | ZIP | 1.97 MB

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