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GC01Graphic Module

The GC01 intelligent add-on module enables the implementation of graphical user interfaces in IPC@CHIP®-based applications.

Intelligent graphic add-on module for SC1x3 to connect graphical LCD/TFT displays with RGB interface (LVDS optional), with touch controller, 64MB graphic memory, 2D hardware acceleration. Package units 24.

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GC01ObsoleteGraphics ModuleModule560307


IPC@CHIP® Graphic Add-onInformation sheetIS_GC01_DE_V6.pdf
DE | 30.04.2008 | PDF | 57 KB
EN | 30.04.2008 | PDF | 55 KB


GC01 Hardware Manual This is the hardware manual for the GC01 Graphics Controller. gc01hw_V120.pdf
EN | 19.06.2008 | PDF | 528 KB
FK61-GC01 Getting Started This document will show you how to get started with the FK61-GC01. It provides a step-by-step guide on how to put the FB60-GC01 into operation and also contains instructions on how to start developing your own HMI application. Getting_Started_FK61...V10.pdf
EN | 19.06.2008 | PDF | 1.04 MB
Specification of the Beck Graphics Bitmap (BGB) file format The BGB format is optimized for the usage with the IPC@CHIP® graphics controllers. spec_bgb_file_format.pdf
EN | 31.08.2009 | PDF | 162 KB
GC0x API Documentation version 2.20 The documentation of the API below is intended to be used for graphic module GC01 and graphic addon GC-touch. index.html


PCN201601-02EOL Notification INTERFACE CHIP-GC01beck_EOL_GC01_201601_02.pdf
EN | 12.08.2016 | PDF | 63 KB
PCN201601-01EOL Notification GC01beck_EOL_GC01_201601_01.pdf
EN | 22.07.2016 | PDF | 27 KB


GC01 Datasheet This is the datasheet for the GC01 including pin description and mechanical dimension. DS_GC01_V2.pdf
EN | 11.06.2008 | PDF | 98 KB


ChipForms This application note describes the ChipForms class library. The ChipForms library offers object oriented programming of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). AN_ChipForms.pdf
EN | 19.06.2008 | PDF | 529 KB
Setting up the GC01 Graphics Controller for a custom display This application notes shows you how to determine the initialization parameters of a custom display from its datasheet and how to pass these parameters to the GCLIB Graphics Library. AN_GC01_Custom_Display.pdf
EN | 19.06.2008 | PDF | 549 KB


Font Vera Contains the font vera.ttf. the font is under GPL.
EN | 20.08.2008 | ZIP | 47 KB
GCLIB file converter (GcConverter) V1.4.3.0With this tool you can convert image files to the speed optimized Beck graphics file formats. setup_gcconverter.exe
EN | 21.10.2013 | EXE | 1.67 MB


GcDemo This program demonstrates the main features of the IPC@CHIP® Graphics Controllers. It is deployed on your DK60 Development Board during the Getting Started progress. Since the source code is included, you can also use this program as an example for your own HMI applications.
EN | 03.11.2008 | ZIP | 3.55 MB
GCLIB Touch Panel Calibration Tool Each touch panel has to be calibrated once. This tool will be used during the Getting Started procedure to calibrate the touch panel of the FB60-GC01. As the source code is included, you can also use this tool as the basis for your own touch panel calibration tool, which you can provide to your customers.
EN | 03.11.2008 | ZIP | 34 KB


ChipFormsThis package contains the ChipForms class library. The ChipForms library offers object oriented programming of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). The library is also part of the ONE Workbench, so this separate download is not strictly necessary.
EN | 13.12.2017 | ZIP | 1.12 MB
GCLIB Graphics Library and API documentation V2.20 This setup will install the GCLIB Graphics Library and the API documentation on your computer. setup_gclib.exe
EN | 03.07.2017 | EXE | 671 KB

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