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FK151-GA01-4.3 PCT

The FK151-GA01 is a function kit for extending the DK151 Development Kit with a graphics solution. The function kit connects to the display port of SC1x5 and is equipped with a 4.3 "LCD display with capacitive touch screen (PCT). It contains all other hardware components for a simple evaluation of the graphics functionality of the SC1x5. With the available software components gclib@DirectFB, ChipForms class library and the GUI Designer in the "ONE - Workbench for IPC@CHIP" a "Graphical User Interface" (GUI) with small "Memory-Footprint" and high efficiency is realizable.

Product Status Information Scope of delivery Order no Price/item
FK151-GA01-4.3 PCTProductionFunction Kit Graphic Function Kit for extending the Development Kit DK15100571220On Demand


FK151-GA01-4.3 PCT Information sheetIS_FK151-GA01-4.3 PC..._V1.pdf
DE | 24.11.2017 | PDF | 102 KB
IS_FK151-GA01-4.3 PC..._V1.pdf
EN | 24.11.2017 | PDF | 102 KB


FK151-GA01-4.3 PCT ManualFK151-GA01HW_V100.pdf
EN | 24.11.2017 | PDF | 305 KB


FB150-GA01 Circuit Diagram version H02Circuit Diagram and part list of FB150-GA01FB150-GA01_parts-list_H02.pdf
EN | 24.11.2017 | PDF | 57 KB
EN | 24.11.2017 | ZIP | 1008 KB


ChipForms V1.20This package contains the ChipForms class library. The ChipForms library offers object oriented programming of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). The library is also part of the ONE Workbench, so this separate download is not strictly necessary.
EN | 13.12.2017 | ZIP | 1.12 MB
GCLIB@DirectFB Graphics Library V1.02The ZIP file contains the current version of the gclib@directfb library and its documentation. The library is also part of the ONE Workbench, so this separate download is not strictly
EN | 04.06.2018 | ZIP | 5.54 MB
GCLIB@DirectFB Graphics Library Open-Source Paket V1.02The file contains the sources of the open source components used in the GCLIB@DirectFB Graphics
EN | 04.06.2018 | ZIP | 15.92 MB

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