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DK55Development Kit for SC2x

The IPC@CHIP® DK55 Development Kit is a complete development system for the IPC@CHIP® SC23 Embedded Controller. It contains all the hardware and software components you require for the fast evaluation and development of your applications with the IPC@CHIP® SC2x.
Thanks to the pre-installed RTOS and the comprehensive “Getting Started” instructions, the development board can be commissioned in a few minutes.

Simple creation of applications in C/C++ and IEC61131-3

As well as the DB54 development board with the SC24 Controller the Development Kit also contains the Paradigm C/C++ development environment for Windows with a C/C++ compiler, a remote debugger (via Ethernet) and many other tools. For creating C/C++ applications on the SC24 quickly and simply.

For the development of CODESYS IEC61131-3 applications, the Development Kit contains a CoDeSys SP 2.3 Full RTS already adapted to the IPC@CHIP® that can be adapted to the individual requirements of custom applications with the help of the supplied CoDeSys Software Development Kit.

The LC-display of the development board can be used for displaying program information and is an application example for easy connection of text displays to the SC23, as well.

DK55 Development Kit
The DK55 contains all the hardware and software components required for the fast development of custom applications:

DB54 Development Board
The development board provides all the functions that the SC24 Embedded Controller offers:

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DK55ObsoleteDevelopment Kit for SC2xDevelopment board, CPU, RTOS Run Time licence, CODESYS Run Time licence, Paradigm CD, CODESYS CD, Ethernet cross over cable, Ethernet patch cable, USB cable, SD card, Null-modem cable, Power supply553947


IPC@CHIP® DK55Information sheetIS_DK55_DE_V4.pdf
DE | 04.10.2007 | PDF | 59 KB
EN | 04.10.2007 | PDF | 57 KB


DB54 Hardware manual version 1.10 - Build 04.10.2007 DB54 Hardware manual. db54_manual_v110.pdf
EN | 24.04.2008 | PDF | 561 KB
IPC@CHIP® SC23 Getting started v1.0 This document explains how the IPC@CHIP® SC23 is put into operation. The DB54 evaluation board is used through this manual. IPCATCHIP_GettingSta...V10.pdf
EN | 08.10.2007 | PDF | 1.10 MB


PCN202002SC2x @CHIP RTOS V2.06pcn_SC24_202002_1
DE | 12.08.2020 | PDF | 138 KB
PCN200810EOL Notification DK51Beck_PCN_200810_01.pdf
EN | 25.08.2008 | PDF | 18 KB
PCN201606-01EOL - Starter and development kits for SC2xbeck_EOL_DK55-DB54_2..._01.pdf
EN | 07.11.2016 | PDF | 29 KB


DB54 Datasheet Datasheet of the development board DB54. DS_DB54_V2.pdf
EN | 02.10.2007 | PDF | 71 KB


DB54 Circuit Diagram v 1.0 Circuit diagram of DB54 DB54_PARTS_LIST_070920.PDF
DE | 17.02.2009 | PDF | 85 KB
EN | 17.02.2009 | PDF | 730 KB


A/D-D/A converter with DB54 Terminal of an A/D converter and a D/A converter via I2C BUS to the SC23. AN_Analogmodul_DB54.pdf
EN | 13.03.2008 | PDF | 99 KB
EN | 13.03.2008 | ZIP | 1.84 MB
Character Display and SC1x3 Attach a standard HD44780 compatible character display to the SC1x3 via the I2C bus.
EN | 29.03.2007 | ZIP | 690 KB
EN | 29.03.2007 | PDF | 56 KB
Character Display and SC1x3 Attach a standard HD44780 compatible character display to the SC1x3 via the I2C bus.


Paradigm C/C++ Beck IPC Edition Compiler for IPC@CHIP® version 7.00.054 Paradigm Systems has closed its doors. But they provide files to continue using the products. Further Informations and downloads you will find here: Paradigm Systems BeckEditionBuild54.exe
EN | 01.07.2014 | EXE | 65.22 MB
CODESYS v2.3 programming system for IPC@CHIP® version CODESYS programming system. This package contains the complete Windows installation. System requirements: Windows 2000 / XP. Update recommended.CODESYS_V23953.exe
EN | 13.12.2016 | EXE | 191.07 MB
Debug@CHIP Version 1.24 Debug@CHIP for Windows is a Source Level Remote Debugger for the target CPU's SC1x/SC2x/SC1x3.
The debugger supports tracing, watches, breakpoints for Borland C and Paradigm C applications.
For further information look inside the User Guide, which is part of this installation.
EN | 20.11.2017 | EXE | 2.36 MB
Postmake version Postmake is a small tool, which finishes IPC@CHIP® executables, which are built either with the Paradigm C++ Beck Edition or Borland C++ IDE. The tool is invoked by the IDE each time a project has been successfully build. Postmake can then pack the executable file using UPX, transfer it to the IPC@CHIP® via FTP and start it by telecontrolling a terminal program. setup_postmake2_v2640.exe
EN | 18.03.2013 | EXE | 1.15 MB
Registry update for CODESYS v2.3 For a successful communication of CODESYS with the FULL RTS via TCP/IP, the default buffer size must be set to 32 KB. Execute this registry update to adjust the setting.
EN | 14.05.2007 | ZIP | 402 B
CODESYS@CHIP-SDK Edition 02.2015This package allows to adapt the CODESYS V2.3 Windows programming system and the run time system (running on the IPC@CHIP® SC1x3/SC2x). It enables the CODESYS programming environment to gain full access to the IPC@CHIP® hardware and software functionalities required by your application, inclusive the Multi-Tasking features of the @CHIP-RTOS. Use this package to create your own IPC@CHIP® based CODESYS V2.3 programmable controller. CODESYSatCHIP_SDK_Ed...015.exe
EN | 20.02.2015 | EXE | 20.58 MB


DB54 visual representation v1 The state of the I/Os and the content of the LC display can be visually displayed using serveral methods.
EN | 22.10.2007 | ZIP | 3.25 MB
DK55 IEC Plattform example full V1.41 A ready-to-use software package for programming the DK55 using CODESYS. The belonging source files are included in the CODESYS@CHIP-SDK.
EN | 27.04.2010 | ZIP | 1.14 MB

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