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DK241Development Kit for SC2x3

Besides the development board DB240, the DK241 includes the easily integrated development environment “ONE workbench for IPC@CHIP®“. The integrated development environment (IDE) for the development of C and C++ applications for IPC@CHIP® SC2x3 contains - besides the editor and C/C++ compiler - a debugger and many other tools.

Despite the comprehensive equipment of the development board DB240, its put-into-operation can be performed within only a few minutes thanks to the pre-installed RTOS-PPC and the ”Getting Started” instructions.

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DK241LimitedDevelopment Kit for SC243Development board, CPU Module, RTOS Run Time licence, ONE Workbench CD, Ethernet cross over cable, Ethernet patch cable, Null-modem cable, Power supply5639651.390,00 Euro*


IPC@CHIP® DK241 Development KitInformation sheetis_dk241_de_v2.pdf
DE | 10.02.2009 | PDF | 86 KB
EN | 10.02.2009 | PDF | 84 KB


Hardware manual version 1.00 - Build 08.05.2009 DB240 Hardware manual DB240HW_v100.pdf
EN | 29.05.2009 | PDF | 781 KB
IPC@CHIP® SC243 with the DK241 Getting started v1.03 This document explains how the IPC@CHIP® SC243 with DK241 is put into operation. The DB240 evaluation board is used through this manual. Getting_Started_DK24....03.pdf
EN | 23.03.2011 | PDF | 1.43 MB


PCN201605-02SC243 – HW REV.301 & RTOS 1.70beck_pcn_SC243_201605_02.pdf
EN | 10.01.2017 | PDF | 32 KB


DB240 Circuit Diagram v 2.0 Circuit diagram of DB240 CD_DB240_V2.pdf
EN | 29.05.2009 | PDF | 1.16 MB


Description of the CPLD functionality Description of the CPLD functionality on the DB240.
EN | 04.06.2009 | ZIP | 12 KB


ONE-Workbench for IPC@CHIP® V2.7.0The ONE Workbench for IPC@CHIP® is a comfortable integrated development environment (IDE) for creating C and C++ applications for the IPC@CHIP®. In this Beta are all IPC@CHIP® SC2x, SC1x3, SC2x3, SC1x5 and SC1x8 supported. For SC2x and SC1x3 an installed "Paradigm C / C ++ Beck IPC Edition" is necessary.ONE-Workbench-2.7.0....ler.exe
EN | 14.06.2018 | EXE | 290.96 MB
CHIPtool Version CHIPtool software allows configuration of the IPC@CHIP® controller within the network, the download of new @CHIP-RTOS and the generation of a complete software image for series programming. This version now includes a FTP and a Telnet client.Chiptool_Install_V7.2.3.0.exe
EN | 06.03.2018 | EXE | 1.70 MB
ChipControl DLL Version ChipControl DLL is an implementation of the UDP configuration server protocol. It provides the functionality of the @CHIPTOOL (such as network scan, ip configuration, RTOS upgrade) in a DLL design. So customer specific windows applications could use the DLL to get access to CHIPTOOLs features. The archive contains a simple windows console application which demonstrates how to use the
EN | 06.03.2018 | ZIP | 9.54 MB


DK240 Visualisation V1 The state of the I/O of the DK240 can be visually displayed using several methods.
EN | 02.06.2009 | ZIP | 1.86 MB

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