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DK151Development Kit for SC145

The development kit DK SC145 contains all hardware components, from power supply to patch cable, for immediate commissioning. The needed IDE “ONE - Workbench for IPC@CHIP®“ can be downloaded. In using the the preinstalled RTOS and the “Getting Started” it is possible to have a first “Hello, World!” in less than 15 minutes.

The development board DB150 has many interfaces, measure interfaces as well as communication and test interfaces so that during software development all features of the SC145 can be evaluated.

Product Status Information Scope of delivery Order no Price/item
DK151ProductionDevelopment Kit for SC145571096On Demand


IPC@CHIP® flyer V4Ready to use System on Module (SoM) for IoT, PLC, and HMI devicesFlyer_IPC@CHIP_EN_v4.pdf
EN | 15.11.2018 | PDF | 1.65 MB


IPC@CHIP® Development kit DK151Information sheetIS_DK151_DE_V1.pdf
DE | 15.11.2016 | PDF | 109 KB
EN | 15.11.2016 | PDF | 109 KB


SC1x5 Hardware manualHardware manual for SC1x5 SC1x5HW_V150
EN | 14.04.2021 | PDF | 1.36 MB
DB150 Hardware manual Hardware manual version 1.10 for DB150 DB150HW_V1.10.pdf
EN | 04.08.2017 | PDF | 676 KB
DK151 Getting StartedThis document explains how the IPC@CHIP® SC145 with DK151 is put into operation. The DB150 evaluation board is used through this manual.getting_started_dk15....04.pdf
EN | 07.06.2016 | PDF | 2.10 MB


DB150 Circuit Diagram version H04Circuit Diagram and part list of DB150db150_parts_list_H04...614.pdf
EN | 14.06.2018 | PDF | 68 KB
EN | 14.06.2018 | ZIP | 1.15 MB
DB150 Circuit Diagram version H03Circuit Diagram and part list of DB150db150_parts_list_H03...724.pdf
EN | 04.04.2017 | PDF | 68 KB
EN | 24.07.2017 | ZIP | 1.17 MB


DK151 Errata sheetES_DK151_V2.20.pdf
EN | 26.07.2017 | PDF | 119 KB


CHIPtoolThe CHIPtool software allows configuration of the IPC@CHIP® controller within the network, the download of new @CHIP-RTOS and the generation of a complete software image for series programming.
Support the Enhanced Bootloader security of Bootloader V1.20 and RTOS-LNX V2.xx.
EN | 28.10.2020 | EXE | 2.59 MB
ONE-Workbench für IPC@CHIP® V3.0.xThe ONE Workbench for IPC@CHIP® is a comfortable integrated development environment (IDE) for creating C and C++ applications for the IPC@CHIP®.
In this Release are all IPC@CHIP® supported. For SC2x and SC1x3 an installed "Paradigm C / C ++ Beck IPC Edition" is necessary.
With RTOS-LNX V2.0x the new ONE-Workbench version 3.0 must be used to recompile all user applications.
EN | 11.05.2020 | ZIP | 315.10 MB
ChipControl DLLThe ChipControl DLL is an implementation of the UDP configuration server protocol. It provides the functionality of the @CHIPTOOL (such as network scan, ip configuration, RTOS upgrade) in a DLL design. So customer specific windows applications could use the DLL to get access to CHIPTOOLs features. The archive contains a simple windows console application which demonstrates how to use the
EN | 04.06.2019 | ZIP | 10.22 MB
Format IPC@CHIP® SC1x5 To erase the contents of the drive A:, transfer this BIM file to the chiptool software. Please read the readme.txt file.
EN | 12.01.2018 | ZIP | 964 B


DK151/DB150 web demo Example demonstrating the usage of the proximity sensor installed on the DK151 board over the I2C bus. The example also includes a web-visualization of the acquired data.
DE | 07.06.2016 | ZIP | 159 KB
DK151/DB150 Web Demo IoT@CHIPIoT@CHIP example for com.tom PORTAL (Kolibri)
EN | 11.01.2019 | ZIP | 2.96 MB
DK151/DB150 MQTT Demo IoT@CHIPIoT@CHIP example with
EN | 11.01.2019 | ZIP | 1.97 MB

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