End users employ CODESYS for successful creation of simple and sophisticated automation applications for industrial controllers that are used in factories, mobile machines, power and building automation systems, as well as many other areas. Several features and properties of the system help in this work.
The IEC 61131-3 Development System CODESYS for programming intelligent automation devices is the heart of the engineering platform. The software offers a variety of user-friendly engineering functions to make your development process faster and more efficient.

In order to program and engineer a device with CODESYS according to IEC 61131-3, the appropriate device software is required.
The implementation of the CODESYS Control runtime system on the IPC@CHIP® SC1x5 provides the opportunity of programming in IEC 61131-3 on this platform, including all the IPC@CHIP®'s functionality in hard and software.
With the "ready to use" CODESYS Control runtime system SC1x5, GPIO pins as well as SPI, I²C, PWM and ADC I / O are directly available via CODESYS.

The use of the CODESYS Control runtime system on the IPC@CHIP® is subject to licence. The licence is included in the IPC@CHIP® SC145 - 0002, likewise inside Development Kit DK151.
For test purposes and in case you already own a IPC@CHIP® SC1x5 it is possible to use a standard SC1x5-000x (all RTOS-LNX variants) with functionality only limited by time.


CODESYS Control @CHIP® for SC1x5Information sheetIS_CODESYS Control@CHIP
EN | 14.04.2021 | PDF | 155 KB


Datasheet CODESYS Control @CHIPDatasheet CODESYS for SC1x5DS_CODESYS Control@CHIP_V02
EN | 14.04.2021 | PDF | 99 KB


CODESYS V3@CHIP Control RTSCODESYS Control RTS for SC1x5 with CANopen CODESYS functions with CANopen, GPIO driver, WV (Web Visu) and libraries for several SC1x5 Interfaces and functions. Compiled for RTOS-LNX ≥ V2.02CODESYS_DriveContent_20200921
EN | 21.09.2020 | ZIP | 592 KB
CODESYS Development System V3CODESYS V3@CHIP Package - CODESYS V3@CHIP Package for target installation using the Package Manager
Hardware Plattformen:
EN | 02.02.2021 | ZIP | 276 KB


CODESYS V3@CHIP SamplesVarious CODESYS projects as an example for the use of the SC1x5 libraries.
CODESYS_Samples only contain IEC examples.
CODESYS-RTOS_Samples contain "C" example for "Message Exchange"
EN | 21.09.2020 | ZIP | 340 KB
EN | 05.11.2020 | ZIP | 9 KB

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