CODESYS SP@CHIP is one of the most powerful Windows-based IEC 61131-3 programming tools available for controllers. The implementation of the CODESYS SP@CHIP IEC 61131-3 runtime system RTS on the IPC@CHIP® provides the opportunity of programming in IEC 61131-3 on this platform, including all the IPC@CHIP®'s functionality in hard and software.

Customised control solutions that are programmable in compliance with IEC 61131-3 can now be implemented swiftly and economically. The data transfer between the CODESYS SP@CHIP runtime system and other RTOS tasks occurs via an internal software interface.

CODESYS SP@CHIP additionally provides your customer with the opportunity of extending an IEC1131 standardised access to the configurable part of your product.

The adaptation of the CODESYS SP@CHIP Run time System (RTS) to the hardware build around the IPC@CHIP® can be realised in a very simple way with the CODESYS SP@CHIP SDK. The included interface RHI allows the CODESYS SP@CHIP RTS for @CHIP-RTOS user to implement C functions to handle his own specific hardware. This interface can also be used for starting parallel RTOS Tasks to the RTS. The RHI implements the interface between User C code (IO Drivers, other user applications) and the RTS. The user C code has absolute access to all the @CHIP-RTOS API functions and is developed with the standard IPC@CHIP® development tools. The CODESYS SP@CHIP SDK provides you with the ideal solution for expeditious and easy target adaptation.

The "IEC Platform Builder Tool" is included in the SDK allowing the adaptations to the target, on the side of the CODESYS SP development platform.

The use of the IEC1131 CODESYS on the IPC@CHIP® is subject to licence. One user licence is included in the IPC@CHIP® SC13-IEC, SC11-IEC, SC123-IEC and SC143-IEC. For test purposes and in case you already own one it is possible to use a standard SC11, SC13, SC123 or SC143 with functionality only limited by time.

Important note

CODESYS (formerly 3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH) has stopped all maintenance for CoDeSys V2.3 as of December 31, 2019.
As a consequence, HMS (formerly Beck IPC GmbH) cannot give any warranty for maintenance or troubleshooting. We strongly advise against new developments with CoDeSys V2.3.
The IPC@CHIP products for CoDeSys V2.3 are still available.


CODESYS V2.3 IEC61131-3 for IPC@CHIP®Information sheetIS_Codesys_16Bit_DE_V03.pdf
DE | 21.05.2012 | PDF | 155 KB
EN | 21.05.2012 | PDF | 157 KB


CODESYS@CHIP Getting Started V2.14First steps for an easy start with CODESYS@CHIP SDK V2.3 on the IPC@CHIP®.SC1x3/SC2x Startup_SDK_CoDeSysa...214.pdf
EN | 25.02.2010 | PDF | 870 KB
CODESYS@CHIP Migrating Embedded to Full RTS for SC1x3 V1.01 Because the Embedded RTS for the IPC@CHIP® SC1x3 is replaced by the Full Version, the following document will assist you to migrate successfully. migration_etof_codes...101.pdf
EN | 17.08.2007 | PDF | 165 KB
CODESYS@CHIP Differences IEC Interfaces V1.00 This document describes the differences in the IEC libraries between the embedded and the full runtime system (beta and release version). differences_iec_inte...100.pdf
EN | 17.08.2007 | PDF | 249 KB
CODESYS@CHIP Known Issues V1.00 This document lists all known issues in the current CODESYS@CHIP SDK and CODESYS V2.3. knownissues_sdk_v100.pdf
EN | 17.08.2007 | PDF | 129 KB


CODESYS v2.3 version
EN | 13.12.2016 | PDF | 72 KB
CODESYS@CHIP SDK 02.2015ReleaseNotesCODESYS0..._v2.pdf
EN | 20.02.2015 | PDF | 250 KB


CODESYS v2.3 programming system for IPC@CHIP® version CODESYS programming system. This package contains the complete Windows installation. System requirements: Windows 2000 / XP. Update recommended.CODESYS_V23953.exe
EN | 13.12.2016 | EXE | 191.07 MB
Registry update for CODESYS v2.3 For a successful communication of CODESYS with the FULL RTS via TCP/IP, the default buffer size must be set to 32 KB. Execute this registry update to adjust the setting.
EN | 14.05.2007 | ZIP | 402 B
CODESYS@CHIP-SDK Edition 02.2015This package allows to adapt the CODESYS V2.3 Windows programming system and the run time system (running on the IPC@CHIP® SC1x3/SC2x). It enables the CODESYS programming environment to gain full access to the IPC@CHIP® hardware and software functionalities required by your application, inclusive the Multi-Tasking features of the @CHIP-RTOS. Use this package to create your own IPC@CHIP® based CODESYS V2.3 programmable controller. CODESYSatCHIP_SDK_Ed...015.exe
EN | 20.02.2015 | EXE | 20.58 MB


DK55 IEC Plattform example full V1.41 A ready-to-use software package for programming the DK55 using CODESYS. The belonging source files are included in the CODESYS@CHIP-SDK.
EN | 27.04.2010 | ZIP | 1.14 MB
DK61 IEC Plattform example full V1.41 A ready-to-use software package for programming the DK61 using CODESYS. The belonging source files are included in the CODESYS@CHIP-SDK.
EN | 27.04.2010 | ZIP | 2.28 MB
EasyIP The example demonstrates the use of the EasyIP interface. In this example a EasyIP server and a EasyIP Client are included. The target 'DK51' (included in the example) has to be used.
EN | 27.10.2004 | ZIP | 531 KB
Retain (remanent datas) Example demonstrate the use of remanent data in "CODESYS". For this example the target 'DK50_Retain' is used (included in the example). In order to simulate a genuine PowerFail case,a capacitor must be attached to the DK50, as described in the DK50 Hardware Manual.Otherwise, the NMI/PowerFail taster is sufficient to simulate a PowerFail case.
EN | 27.10.2004 | ZIP | 696 KB

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