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§ wl05_update_devuserdrv()

int _cdecl wl05_update_devuserdrv ( DevUserDriver *  devdrv)

Update IP settings of DevUserDriver struct.

If the IP settings of the WLAN interface are changed by calling the Dev_Config_Iface() function, the driver program's internal DevUserDriver struct is not updated (IP, Netmask and DHCP flag for multiHomeIndex 0) This is normally not a problem, because these variables are used only at initialization time (Dev_Open_Interface()), but they should be updated if the IP settings of multiHomeIndex are changed. Hence this function should be called. It reads the IP address settings of multiHomeIndex 0 directly from the TCPIP stack and updates the variables at the provided DevUserDriver structure.

[in,out]devdrvPointer to the DevUserDriver structure that should be updated
  • 0: Success
  • -1: Error

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