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§ wl05_restart()

int wl05_restart ( uint32  waitTime_ms)

Reset and start the WL05 module.

[in]waitTime_msMax. time in [ms] to wait for reply from WL05
0 on success, otherwise the error code The initialization failure code can be retrieved by calling wl05_get_init_error.
The function executes a hardware reset by toggling the RST PIO, loads the firmware binary image and starts the WL05 module. It can be used after a detection of a fatal error indication to restart the device, e.g. a TARGET_HUNG indication code, signaled by the module via callback function.
This function is also internally executed at the TCP/IP Device Driver API function Dev_Open_Interface(), if the device was closed before with API function Dev_Close_Interface(). To restart the WL05 device, the user can also call the TCP/IP Device Driver API function Dev_Close_Interface() and Dev_Open_Interface().

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