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Features of the Beck IPC WLAN module WL05:

WL03 hardware compatibility:

The WL03 and WL05 modules are pin-compatible, WL05 provides the same connectors with identical SPI interface, Reset-PIO, CS-PIO and IRQ line. The electrical characteristics are nearly identical. From a hardware point of view the WL05 module is a drop-in replacement for existing designs with WL03.

WL03 software compatibility:

The software driver and the API for the WL03 and WL05 are not compatible. Due to the different chip sets, different firmware and new features it was required to provide a new driver library for the WL05 module, with a similar (but different) API.
Care has been taken so that the software API of the WL05 be similar to the WL03. Therefore it should be minor effort to port existing user specific driver applications for WL03 to WL05.
A comprehensive list of the software differences between WL03 and WL05 may be found in the following Migration Guide. It is targetted mainly at users who already have experience with the WL03 software and would like to migrate to using a WL05 module.

WL05 Usage summary:

For using the WL05 module at IPC@CHIP® TCP/IP applications, Beck IPC provides a compiled driver library for IPC@CHIP® target SC1x3. The application programmer shall use this library and the provided API for building their own customized WL05 driver executable or to integrate it direct into their IPC@CHIP® application. The WL05 functionalities are provided as a library for better flexibility. This allows a customized usage of several different WLAN features e.g. of the different network types, authentication and encryption modes. Therefore, Beck IPC provides several examples as templates for the users.

This library is mainly based on the usage of the TCP/IP Device driver API and the SPI API of the @CHIP-RTOS®, described at the @CHIP-RTOS® API documentation. The library provides the installation of a new TCP/IP device interface with own IP address configuration, which is used for IP communication in the same way as other internal devices (Ethernet or PPP) installed by @CHIP-RTOS®. If the WL05 device is configured and associated to a BSS or IBSS network, user applications may use the interface transparently via the TCP/IP socket interface. The driver application programmer has to use the provided API for their own customized WL05 configuration, association, scanning, error handling, etc.

Main driver functionalities

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