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Here is a short description of the IPC@CHIP® Web server.

The IPC@CHIP® web server provides information, e.g. HTML pages, over the Hypertext Transfer protocol (HTTP). The server can be accessed with any normal web browser.

  • Static HTML pages, no special tool for generation required, just upload to file system
  • Dynamic HTML (CGI) pages, implemented as callback functions
  • Configurable TCP port number (default 80)
  • Web file upload support available through special RTOS variant

Features: (SC1x3/SC2x only)
  • SSL web server (HTTPS) functionality
  • Configurable SSL TCP port number (default 443)
  • Server Side Include (SSI) pages, implemented as callback functions
  • Support for Cookies
  • Web file upload support included in standard RTOS version

The web server can be configured with the corresponding WEB CHIP.INI entries.   The server can be suspended/resumed with the BIOS_Server_On_Off() API

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