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Here is a short description of the IPC@CHIP® TFTP server.

The TFTP server allows sending and receiving of files to a remote TFTP client.   (Thus the term Trivial File Transfer Protocol , TFTP.)

For security reasons, TFTP file transfers are disabled by default.   You can enable/disable TFTP with the TFTP 0/1 shell command TFTP.   This shell command can be executed from within an application using the BIOS_Execute() API.

TFTP can be used as a simple alternative to FTP.   TFTP does not provide extended file system features like listing directories or deleting files.   If the user does not need these extended features of the FTP server, a Sc1x @CHIP-RTOS variant with TFTP instead of the FTP may be useful.

By default the server listens at the standard TFTP port 69 for incoming TFTP client requests.   The TFTP port can be configured in chip.ini.

The server is able to serve only one client at one time.   Only the binary (octet) transfer mode is supported.   The size of TFTP data packets must be 512 bytes.

SC1x Comments

The TFTP server is not a part of the six official Sc1x @CHIP-RTOS variants.   You must directly order a special SC1x @CHIP-RTOS version including this feature.

SC1x3/SC2x Comments

At SC1x3/SC2x @CHIP-RTOS versions, the TFTP server is always available.

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