@CHIP-RTOS - Telnet server

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Here is a short description of the IPC@CHIP® Telnet server.

The Telnet protocol is used for interactive remote access over the network. Once the connection with a Telnet client is established, the user can log in with his account information and execute operating system commands remotely on the IPC@CHIP®, such as dir or cd .

  • Supports only one active connection (only one client at one time)
  • Two available user accounts
  • Configurable TCP port number (default 23)
  • Configurable timeout

Default user are 'tel' (password is 'tel') for both accounts.   The Telnet server can be configured with the corresponding Telnet CHIP.INI entries.   The server can be suspended/resumed with the BIOS_Server_On_Off() API

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