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@CHIP-RTOS API Error Codes

All error codes here are stated in decimal. These error codes apply to the RTX API. The macro defined for these constants in the RTXERR.h C-library include file are stated here where applicable.

(For assembly level software interrupt API, these codes are returned in the AX register .)

  3      task is still waiting
  2      task not waiting; wake is pending
  0      no error
 -1      RTX_EC_NO_SUCH_TASK - Invalid task ID
 -2      RTX_EC_NO_FREE_MSG_ENVELOPE - No free message available;
         If DX=-2, Bad API function number
 -3      RTX_EC_NO_MAILBOX_DEFINED - No mailbox defined
 -4      RTX_EC_MAILBOX_FULL - Mailbox full
 -5      RTX_EC_AWAKE_BEFORE_TIMEOUT - Awakened before timeout
 -6      RTX_EC_TASK_NOT_WAITING_2ND_WAKE - Task not waiting (after 2nd wake)

 -9      RTX_EC_LOW_MEMORY - Insufficient memory available

-12      RTX_EC_NOT_OWNED_BY_CALLER - Resource semaphore not owned by calling task

-17      RTX_EC_INVALID_TASK_PRIORITY - Invalid task priority
-18      RTX_EC_NO_FREE_TCB - No free Task Control Block
-19      RTX_EC_NO_FREE_TIMER - No free interval timer
-20      RTX_EC_NO_ABORT_PERMITTED - Task abort (stop, kill, delete) not allowed

-22      RTX_EC_NO_SUCH_SEMAPHORE - Invalid semaphore ID
-23      RTX_EC_SEMAPHORE_IN_USE - Semaphore already in use
-24      RTX_EC_INVALID_SEMAPHORE_VALUE - Invalid semaphore value at creation

-27      RTX_EC_TIMED_OUT - Timed out
-28      RTX_EC_NO_MESSAGE_AVAILABLE - No message available

-32      RTX_EC_NO_FREE_EVENT_GROUP - No free event group available
-33      RTX_EC_EVENT_GROUP_IN_USE - Event group in use at attempt to delete it

-41      RTX_EC_NO_SUCH_MSG_XCHG - No such Message Exchange (invalid ID)
-42      RTX_EC_NO_FREE_MSG_XCHG - No free Message Exchange
-43      RTX_EC_MSG_XCHG_IN_USE - Message Exchange in use at attempt to delete it
-44      RTX_EC_INVALID_MAILBOX_SIZE - Invalid message mailbox size
-45      RTX_EC_NO_FREE_SEMAPHORE - No free semaphore
-46      RTX_EC_NO_SUCH_EVENT_GROUP - No such event group (invalid ID)
-47      RTX_EC_NO_SUCH_TIMER - No such timer (invalid ID)
-48      RTX_EC_INVALID_TIMER_INTERVAL - Invalid timing interval

-51      RTX_EC_SEMAPHORE_BUSY - Semaphore is busy

-57      RTX_EC_NAME_NOT_FOUND - Object by name not found
-58      RTX_EC_CALL_ILLEGAL - Call from interrupt service procedure not permitted
-59      RTX_EC_NAME_IN_USE - Object by this name already defined
-60      RTX_EC_INVALID_PTR - Pointer parameter invalid (NULL)

The following are RTX error codes returned by RTX assembly level software interrupt API calls in the DX-Register

  0      call successful
 -1      RTOS call failed
 -2      RTOS API function number (AH input) is not supported

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