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RTOS API Listing


The provided services are a subset of the RTOS calls.   If it should be necessary, we will add needed functions in the future.   The given examples should be used and modified by the API programmer.   The API programmer should know something about the basics of programming multitasking applications!!

It's very important to declare large enough task stack.   The example taskexp1 shows this problem.   When the program is compiled with Microsoft C V1.52, we must set the stack size of the tasks to 3072 words.   The same program compiled with Borland 4.52 requires only a stack size of 512 words.   It's not advised to use the printf functions in a task procedure because it requires a lot of stack space.   In the example program taskexp1.exe, we use printf calls and it works, but there is no guarantee that it will work in other applications.   Timer procedures are executed on the stack of the kernel task, so they should be as short as possible.   Avoid the calling of large C-Library functions like printf.

Task priorities:

    We recommend the usage of a task priority between 20 and 30, because a task with a higher priority may block other important tasks of our system. e.g. the serial and Ethernet receiver tasks.

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