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Release Notes – SC2x @CHIP-RTOS V1.90

The tickets are grouped by component and then sorted by type and ticket number.

RTOS - Web server
Ticket: #2326
Component: RTOS - Web server
Type: defect
Summary: Realm string should be quoted
Description: For a protected URL the web server sends the realm string in his Www-Authenticate header field without quotes. Some browsers might not parse this header field correctly if the quotes are missing.
Solution: Send the realm string as quoted-string.

Ticket: #2338
Component: RTOS - Web server
Type: defect
Summary: Memory leak in conjunction with CGI_FLAG_CALL_AGAIN
Description: The web server shows a memory leak if the StreamCGI example is used and the page is refreshed constantly. The problem is related to the CGI_FLAG_CALL_AGAIN option.
Solution: Fixed.

Ticket: #2333
Component: RTOS - Web server
Type: enhancement
Summary: Maximum BODY_SIZE value should be increased
Description: The maximum value of the BODY_SIZE CHIP.INI parameter should be increased.
Solution: Increased the maximum adjustable value for BODY_SIZE from 32768 to 65280.

Ticket: #2340
Component: RTOS - Web server
Type: enhancement
Summary: Additional web server upload path
Description: Should add the possibility to specify a second upload path for the web server.
Solution: Implemented, add UPLOAD_PATH2 CHIP.INI entry.

RTOS - File system
Ticket: #2327
Component: RTOS - File system
Type: defect
Summary: Extdisk_remove_drive() does only close the drive
Description: The Extdisk_remove_drive() and Extdisk_remove_drive2() functions do only close the drive, but do not uninstall the driver.
Solution: Reset the flag that indicates an external drive's driver is installed when either the Extdisk_remove_drive() or Extdisk_remove_drive2() functions are executed.

Ticket: #2329
Component: RTOS - File system
Type: defect
Summary: Internal file system problem if attempt to open Z: drive file for writing
Description: If an attempt to open a file on the read-only Z: drive was done, this could result in some memory corruption.
Solution: Correct the code in file system so an intended pointer is set NULL, instead of some other.

Ticket: #2341
Component: RTOS - File system
Type: defect
Summary: Format command and alignment requirements for SD cards
Description: SD cards require some special alignment. Without it the performance and endurance can suffer.
Solution: Read out logical block address of sector zero from the EXTSD driver. Use this partition offset value to assure that clusters are aligned to the SD card's internal flash pages when formatting the drive.

RTOS - FTP server
Ticket: #2331
Component: RTOS - FTP server
Type: defect
Summary: Malfunction if ROOTDIR is given without DRIVE entry
Description: The FTP server does not set his working directory correctly when only the ROOTDIR CHIP.INI entry is given and the DRIVE entry is missing. The documentation says that drive A: will be assumed, but this is not the case.
Solution: Fixed.

Ticket: #2334
Component: RTOS - TCP/IP
Type: defect
Summary: Ping_Open() returns hardly meaningful error code
Description: In case of an error the function Ping_Open() always returns the hardly meaningful error code -1. This should be improved.
Solution: Fixed.

RTOS - System
Ticket: #2336
Component: RTOS - System
Type: defect
Summary: Old UPX_Beck compressed files may not run on current @Chip-RTOS
Description: Some old UPX_Beck compressed programs could be run on @Chip-RTOS-x86 verion 1.40, but will immediately hit an invalid opcode fault when run on @Chip-RTOS-x86 verison 1.80.
Solution: Modify @Chip-RTOS-x86 EXE launcher so that an invalid 32 bit relocation count found in the EXE header will not override a valid 16 bit relocation count.

Ticket: #2343
Component: RTOS - System
Type: defect
Summary: Race condition in sniff command
Description: The sniff command leaks a race condition during initial creation of the capture file. In rare conditions the created .cap file name can be corrupted.
Solution: Fixed.

Ticket: #2330
Component: RTOS - System
Type: enhancement
Summary: Avoid strange semaphore names
Description: For each TCP/IP device driver the RTOS creates a counting semaphore without giving a defined semaphore name. The code just passes a NULL pointer in the name parameter. This leads to a strange, cryptic name of these semaphores in the Debug@Chip RTX resource window view. Such names can be confusing to users and therefore should be avoided.
Solution: Gave the name "@ISR" to these types of semaphores.

RTOS - IPsec/IKE/Crypt
Ticket: #2339
Component: RTOS - IPsec/IKE/Crypt
Type: defect
Summary: IPsec IKE crashing when both the @Chip and peer are behind a NAT
Description: Program memory becomes corrupt during IPsec Internet Key Exchange (IKE) processing when peer is behind a NAT.
Solution: Correct the switch over from IKE port 500 to IKE-NAT port 4500. Now this switch is done irrespective of whether or not the peer is behind a NAT.

RTOS - Serial ports
Ticket: #2328
Component: RTOS - Serial ports
Type: enhancement
Summary: Additional events in fossil user callback
Description: The fossil user callback should deliver some additional events when sending characters.
Solution: Implemented new events FE_DATA_SENT, FE_DATA_SENT9 and FE_SENDQ_EMPTY.

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