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Release Notes – SC2x @CHIP-RTOS V1.80

The tickets are grouped by component and then sorted by type and ticket number.

RTOS - FTP server
Ticket: #2312
Component: RTOS - FTP server
Type: defect
Summary: FTP server working path problem
Description: The FTP server returns the wrong working directory in some case. The main problem was that changing the directory to just '.' was not correctly handled in all cases.
Solution: Fixed.

Ticket: #2313
Component: RTOS - USB
Type: defect
Summary: USB losing packets
Description: In USB host mode when an out transfer is NAKed by the device shortly before the next Start-of-frame, the NAKed packet may not be repeated. Instead the stack would continue with the next packet.
Solution: Fixed

RTOS - File system
Ticket: #2316
Component: RTOS - File system
Type: defect
Summary: findfirst() / findnext() problems
Description: 1) When a final slash or backslash is specified on the path used for findfirst(), BIOS_LFN_Findfirst() or BIOS_Fast_Findfirst() the contents of that directory will not be reported.

2) The BIOS_LFN_Findnext() (when 'lock_the_node' parameter to BIOS_LFN_Findfirst() was FALSE) or findnext() API fail when a drive's root directory is scanned.

3) On PLP formatted drives, the findfirst()/findnext() would prematurely report no more files in a directory that was being concurrently edited by some other task.

Note: These bugs were introduced by changes made for @Chip-RTOS version 1.70.
Solution: Make @Chip-RTOS append the *.* for case 1), and a code corrections were made for cases 2) and 3).

RTOS - Web server
Ticket: #2317
Component: RTOS - Web server
Type: defect
Summary: No error response is sent when an unknown method is given
Description: If the browser uses an unknown HTTP method in his request, the web server does not answer with an error response, instead the request times-out. The web server should answer with a 501 error message in such a case.
Solution: Fixed.

RTOS - Ethernet
Ticket: #2322
Component: RTOS - Ethernet
Type: defect
Summary: Possible freeze of Ethernet communication
Description: The Ethernet driver send function is sensitive to task suspension or task preemption. If a task, that is currently sending a Ethernet packet, is preempted for longer periods (~ 500 ms) at a special point in the internal send function, a timeout error can occur. The handling of this error exception can lead to a freeze of the Ethernet communication.
Solution: Fixed the timeout loop sensibility to task preemption. The timeout should no longer be reported erroneously. Also fixed the handling of this unlikely error, so that the Ethernet communication will no longer freeze.

Ticket: #2323
Component: RTOS - TCP/IP
Type: defect
Summary: Dev_Get_DHCP_Data() does not work
Description: The function Dev_Get_DHCP_Data() does not work. The RTOS software interrupt and also the CLIB call are implemented erroneously.
Solution: Fixed implementation, requires also CLIB V2.50.

Ticket: #2324
Component: RTOS - TCP/IP
Type: defect
Summary: Interface information does not include correct PPP remote address
Description: The functions Get_Iface_Entries() and Get_Iface_Entries_Ext() do not set the remote IP address in the devDestIpAddr field correctly.
Solution: Fixed.

RTOS - Command shell
Ticket: #2318
Component: RTOS - Command shell
Type: enhancement
Summary: Add console command to verify RTOS code in RAM against flash image
Description: Add a new "CV" console command to check that the RTOS code in RAM matches the image back in flash memory from where it was loaded at system startup.

This command shall be controllable via the BIOS_Execute_Ext() API.
Solution: CV command added along with a CvStatS data structure added to the Beck C-library's BIOS_API.H for use invoking this console command with the BIOS_Execute_Ext() API.

RTOS - IPsec/IKE/Crypt
Ticket: #2319
Component: RTOS - IPsec/IKE/Crypt
Type: enhancement
Summary: Add SHA-256 hash method
Description: The SHA-256 hash method shall be added for use by TLS certificates and IPSec.

API functions shall also be made available.
Solution: Added SHA-256 hash method.

Ticket: #2325
Component: RTOS - SPI
Type: enhancement
Summary: NULL pointer checking
Description: The spi_write() and spi_read_write() type of functions are also checking the buffer pointer that is used for sending for a NULL pointer. This is not necessary, only the read pointer needs to be checked.
Solution: Changed.

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