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Release Notes – SC1x3 @CHIP-RTOS V1.60

The tickets are grouped by component and then sorted by type and ticket number.

Ticket: #2294
Component: RTOS - I2C
Type: defect
Summary: I2C slave interrupt not called for bus error condition
Description: The user I2C slave interrupt handler is not called, when a bus error condition occurs. This should be fixed.

It also seems to be required to perform a hardware reset of the I2C controller if a bus error condition occurs. Without this reset the I2C controller seems to generate an undefined number of bus error interrupts (1-30) for a single condition.
Solution: Fixed.

Ticket: #2295
Component: RTOS - TCP/IP
Type: defect
Summary: GetARPRouteCacheEntries() gives wrong data
Description: The GetARPRouteCacheEntries() function delivers wrong IP data for route entries. The MAC address of ARP entries is shown correctly.
Solution: Fixed.

RTOS - Web server
Ticket: #2297
Component: RTOS - Web server
Type: defect
Summary: Race condition between incoming connections and server suspend call
Description: The problem addressed with ticket #2272 was not solved completely. There's still a race condition between the server suspend call, which closes all open connections, and incoming HTTP requests.

The web server suspend call is used by these API functions: BIOS_Server_On_Off(), CGI_SetMainPage(), CGI_SetMainPagePost(), CGI_SetRootDrive() and CGI_SetRootDir().

In some situations the web server will no longer answer incoming HTTP requests, if these calls are made and incoming HTTP requests are present.
Solution: Fixed.

RTOS - System
Ticket: #2298
Component: RTOS - System
Type: defect
Summary: RTX_Find_Sem() returns wrong error code when semaphore not found
Description: RTX_Find_Sem() returns 21 instead of the intended -22 RTX_NO_SUCH_SEMAPHORE error code when the semaphore is not found.
Solution: Error code corrected so that -22 is returned when semaphore is not found.

Ticket: #2299
Component: RTOS - System
Type: enhancement
Summary: INI file functions should also be useable for other files than CHIP.INI
Description: An extended version of BIOS_Set_Ini_String() and BIOS_Get_Ini_String() would be helpful. These new functions should operate on an user given file name, instead of the system CHIP.INI.
Solution: Implemented BIOS_Set_Ini_String_Ext()/BIOS_Get_Ini_String_Ext() functions.

RTOS - FTP server
Ticket: #2296
Component: RTOS - FTP server
Type: enhancement
Summary: Non conforming implementation of MDTM command
Description: The RFC describes that the MDTM command was only intended to read the time/date of a file and not to set the time/date, like some implementation do. However, this read functionality was not implemented by the @CHIP-RTOS, only the writing was implemented. There's a risk that this behavior can confuse conforming FTP clients.

The FTP server should implement the MDTM command for reading a time/date of a file and should accept the MFMT command, which allows the date/time to be set.
Solution: Removed support for writing date/time with the MDTM command. MDTM can now be used for reading date/time of file. Add support for MFMT command.

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