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Release Notes – CLIB V2.50

The tickets are grouped by component and then sorted by type and ticket number.

Ticket: #2314
Component: CLIB
Type: defect
Summary: Alternative heap is missing reentrant farcoreleft() function
Description: The heap.c source file should also have a thread safe implementation for the farcoreleft() function.
Solution: Added farcoreleft() function to heap.c source file.

Ticket: #2315
Component: CLIB
Type: defect
Summary: CGI_GetCookie() writes to address zero
Description: The documentation states that NULL pointers can be passed if the user is not interested in a parameter. This does not work. The CGI_GetCookie() function writes to memory address zero in this case.
Solution: Fixed.

Ticket: #2320
Component: CLIB
Type: enhancement
Summary: Add SHA-256 hash method API functions
Description: Add connections to the SHA-256 calculator now inside the @Chip-RTOS-x86.
Solution: SHA-256 hash API added to C-library

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