Reserve file access context space for the calling task.

int RTX_Access_Filesystem ( void );


-- none --

Return Value

0, success
-1 --> Failure (Too many tasks with file access)


This API is deprecated.   (However, it may still have some diagnostic value to determine why file accesses are failing or could be used to acquire the file access context space ahead of time to assure the task's future file accesses will succeed.)

It is no longer necessary that a task use this API to gain access to the file system.   A task is automatically granted file system access when the file system API is used, provided that the system has not ran out of file access context space.

The file system supports registration of up to 15 tasks (35 tasks on SC1x3/SC2x) at a time.   Each DOS program's main task is registered with the file system regardless of whether or not that program uses the file system.   A task's reservation on the file system access context space remains in effect until that task is deleted from the system.   The DOS program main tasks are deleted when the program terminates (or terminates and stays resident).

Once a successful call to this API has been made, any further calls perform no operation (at most one context slot is assigned per task).

If this API returns a failure indication, then the number of tasks registered with the file system has reached the limit and this calling task is consequently not being granted access to the file system.

The number of tasks signed into file system can be seen in the MEM command's console output.

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This library function invokes a RTOS software interrupt. Refer to this RTOS API function's documentation for more details.

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