Header File:         #include <RTOS.H>
                    which includes <RTXAPI.H>

    Task Control     Semaphores     Timing     Events     Messages    

These API provides access to the RTOS of the IPC@CHIP®.

All RTOS API functions listed here are reentrant.

For a general introduction about multitasking with the @CHIP-RTOS see Multitasking introduction. Please note that we cannot explain in detail all principles of a multitasking system in this document.
A good book for understanding the architecture of Real-Time-Kernels is "MicroC/OS" from Jean.J.Labrosse.

For some useful comments see also the programming notes.


Task Control Functions

RTX_Create_TaskCreate and start a task
RTX_Param_TaskCreate and start a task with parameters
RTX_Create_Task_Without_RunCreate a task
RTX_Param_Task_Without_RunCreate a task with parameters
RTX_Delete_TaskDelete a task
RTX_Kill_TaskStop and kill a task
RTX_Restart_TaskStart execution of task
RTX_End_ExecutionEnd execution of current task
RTX_Sleep_TimeSleep for a defined time
RTX_Sleep_FineSleep for a number of RTI
RTX_Sleep_LongSleep for a long number of RTI
RTX_Sleep_RequestSleep until wakeup request
RTX_WakeupWakeup a sleeping task
RTX_Suspend_TaskSuspend execution of a task
RTX_Resume_TaskResume execution of a suspended task
RTX_Get_TaskIDGet the ID of the current task
RTX_Change_TaskPrioDeprecated! Change specified task's priority
RTX_Task_PriorityRead/write specified task's priority
RTX_Disable_Task_SchedulingDisable task switching
RTX_Enable_Task_SchedulingRe-enable task switching
RTX_Access_FilesystemReserve file system access by task
    -- Task Monitoring --

Get list of current tasks
RTX_Get_Task_StateGet state of a task
RTX_Get_Task_State_ExtGet state of a task
RTX_Task_InfoGet task info by name.
RTX_Task_Info_By_IdGet task info by handle.
RTX_Start_Task_MonitorInstall task monitor.
RTX_Stop_Task_MonitorDisable task monitoring
RTX_Count_ResourcesCount available/used resources
RTX_Wait_QueueDiagnostic routine

Semaphore Functions

RTX_Create_SemCreate a semaphore
RTX_Delete_SemDelete a semaphore
RTX_Find_SemFind semaphore by name
    -- For either type Semaphore --

Wait with specified priority
    -- For Counting Semaphores --

Get a counting semaphore, no wait
RTX_Wait_SemWait on a counting semaphore
RTX_Signal_SemSignal a counting semaphore
    -- For Resource Semaphores --

Reserve a resource semaphore
RTX_Free_SemSet use count to zero
RTX_Release_SemDecrement use count by 1

Timing Functions

    -- Time/Date --

Get system time and date
RTX_Get_TimeDate_usGet system time and date with high resolution
RTX_timeGet number of seconds elapsed since 00:00:00 January 1 1970
RTX_Set_TimeDateSet system time and date
RTX_Set_TimeDate_usSet system time and date with high resolution
RTX_stimeSet number of seconds elapsed since 00:00:00 January 1 1970
    -- System Time --

Get tick count of system clock
RTX_GetTickCountReturn tick count of system clock
RTX_GetTick_usReturn system clock microseconds
RTX_GetFineTickRead system clock with high resolution
RTX_FineTickInitInitialize for RTX_GetTickCount() use
RTX_Get_RTI_TicksGet Real-Time Interrupt count
RTX_Get_RTI_RateGet Real-Time Interrupt rate
    -- RTX Timer Callbacks --

Install timer procedure
RTX_Install_TimerPInstall timer procedure (alternate method)
RTX_Fine_TimerInstall high resolution timer
RTX_Fine_TimerPInstall high resolution timer (alternate method)
RTX_Remove_TimerRemove timer procedure
RTX_Start_TimerStart periodic execution of timer procedure
RTX_Stop_TimerStop periodic execution of timer procedure
RTX_Timer_DelaySet timer delay milliseconds
RTX_Timer_Delay_RTISet timer delay RTI ticks
RTX_Install_RTI_HookInstall callback to execute in real-time interrupt

Event Functions

RTX_Create_EventGroupCreate event group
RTX_Delete_EventGroupDelete an event group
RTX_Signal_EventsSignal events group
RTX_Wait_For_EventWait for events
RTX_Wait_For_EventPWait for events (alternate method)
RTX_Get_EventGroup_StateRead current events on a group
RTX_Get_Saved_EventsGet the saved event flags/bits
RTX_Find_EventGroupFind an event group

Message Functions

RTX_Create_MsgCreate message exchange
RTX_Delete_MsgDelete a message exchange
RTX_Send_MsgSend a message to a message exchange
RTX_Get_MsgGet a message from a message exchange, no wait
RTX_Wait_For_MsgWait for a message, optional timeout
RTX_Wait_For_MsgPWait for a message, optional timeout (alternate method)
RTX_Find_MsgFind a message exchange by name
    -- Global Data Registry --

Post global publication
RTX_GetPublicationFind a global publication by name

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