@CHIP-RTOS C Library - Packet Driver API

Header File:         #include <PKTDRV.H>
    Communication         Configuration    

Packet driver API for direct access to the IPC@CHIP® Ethernet device.

Packet drivers provide a simple, common programming interface that allows multiple applications to share a network interface at the data link level. The packet driver demultiplex incoming packets among the applications by using the network media's standard packet type. The packet driver provides calls to initiate access to a specific packet type, to end access to it, to send a packet, and to get information about the interface.

Communication Functions

Set_Access_TypeInstall an Access Handler
Set_WildcardAccess_TypeInstall an Wildcard Access handler
Release_TypeUninstall an Access Handler
Send_PacketSend an Ethernet Packet

Config Functions

PktDriver_InstalledIs the Packet Driver available
Get_Driver_InfoGet Driver Info
Set_Receive_ModeSet the receive mode of the Ethernet device
Get_Receive_ModeGet the receive mode of the Ethernet device
Set_MulticastSet or Delete an Ethernet Multicast MAC Address
Get_Eth_AddressGet the @CHIPs Ethernet MAC Address

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