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HugePtr Library

This library applies only to the SC1x3/SC2x targets. It will not work on the SC1x target systems.

The HugePtr library provides faster HUGE pointer arithmetic.   The functions in this library are invoked implicitly by the C compiler using assembly language interfaces when huge pointer arithmetic is required. However, there are a few functions from this library which provide a C language calling convention.

Using this library is recommended when ever your SC1x3/SC2x contains any huge pointer manipulations.

One of the following libraries must be selected based on your program's memory model, and included in your project when this libary is desired.

  • HugePtrS.LIB - Small memory model
  • HugePtrM.LIB - Medium memory model (small data)
  • HugePtrC.LIB - Compact memory model (small program)
  • HugePtrL.LIB - Large memory model
  • HugePtrH.LIB - Huge memory model

Note that even a SMALL memory model program can perform extensive huge pointer arithmetic if the program is handling far objects.

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