@CHIP-RTOS C Library - Hardware API

Header File:         #include <HWAPI.H>

    PFE     HAL    

Here are the API functions for access to the IPC@CHIP®'s hardware.


    Hardware API Layer Model

PFE - Pin Function Enabler Functions

pfe_enable_busEnable data bus
pfe_enable_adrEnable non-multiplexed address bus
pfe_enable_pioEnable programmable I/O pins
pfe_get_pio_stateGet programmable PIO pins state
pfe_get_pio_state2Get programmable PIO pins state (PIO16-31)
pfe_enable_pcsEnable programmable chip selects
pfe_enable_intEnable external interrupt requests
pfe_enable_timerEnable external timer inputs/outputs
pfe_set_edge_level_intr_modeSet edge/level interrupt mode
pfe_enable_pwdEnable PWD mode
pfe_enable_external_dmaEnable external DMA
pfe_enable_int_cascade_modeEnable INT0/INTA cascade mode
pfe_set_wait_statesSet wait states for PCS0-3
pfe_set_wait_states2Set wait states for PCS5-6, respectively PCS4-7
pfe_set_wait_states_ucsSet wait states for UCS
pfe_enable_bus_signalsEnable bus signals (ARDY, HOLD, WRL/WRH, A0/BHE)
pfe_get_vectorsGet Hardware API function pointers

HAL - Hardware Abstraction Layer Functions

    -- Data Bus I/O --

Deprecated! Read data bus
hal_write_busDeprecated! Write data bus
hal_readblock_busDeprecated! Block read data bus
hal_writeblock_busDeprecated! Block write data bus
    -- PIO --

Read programmable I/O pins
hal_read_pios2Read programmable I/O pins
hal_write_piosWrite programmable I/O pins
hal_write_pios2Write programmable I/O pins
hal_read_pioRead specific I/O pin
hal_write_pioWrite to specific I/O pin
    -- Interrupts --

Install Interrupt Service Routine
hal_install_rtx_isrInstall RTX Interrupt Service Routine
hal_give_eoiIssue EOI to interrupt controller
hal_mask_intMask/Unmask Interrupts
    -- Timer Operation --

Initialize timer settings
hal_init_timer_extInitialize timer settings Ext
hal_start_timerStart timer
hal_stop_timerStop timer
hal_read_timer_countRead timer count
hal_write_timer_countWrite timer count
hal_set_duty_cycle_waveformSet timer duty cycle waveform
    -- Watchdog --

Get/Set watchdog mode
hal_refresh_watchdogRefresh watchdog
hal_watchdog_manager_sign_onSign on to watchdog manager
hal_watchdog_manager_refreshRefresh watchdog manager
hal_watchdog_manager_sign_offSign off from watchdog manager
    -- DMA Control --

Start DMA mode
hal_stop_dmaStop DMA transfer
hal_get_dma_infoGet DMA info
    -- Non-Volatile Data --

Initialize/Restore non-volatile data
hal_save_non_volatile_dataSave non-volatile data
hal_get_reboot_reasonGet reboot reason
hal_install_pfaildone_callbackInstall PowerfailDone callback
    -- other functions --

Get frequencies

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