@CHIP-RTOS C Library - Helper Functions

Header File:         #include <HELPER.H>

Character Output Functions

helper_stroutString output
helper_chroutChar output
helper_dezoutDezimal output
helper_hexdigHex digit output
helper_hexoutHex value output
helper_printfPrintf output
helper_sprintfString formatting

Memory Allocation Functions

helper_alloc_rtos_memAllocate RTOS memory
helper_release_rtos_memRelease allocated RTOS memory
helper_alloc_rtos_fast_memAllocate RTOS memory from fast memory pool
helper_assign_memAssign RTOS memory ownership
        --- Reentrant Heap ---

Allocate program heap memory
freeRelease program heap memory
reallocReallocate program heap memory
farcoreleftReport available memory in far heap

Other Functions

helper_clibVersionGet C-Library version number
helper_check_licenseCheck for installed license
helper_load_libraryLoad a Dynamic Link Library
helper_unload_libraryUnload a Dynamic Link Library
progParentDataAccess parent program's data area
swap16Swap a 16 bit value
swap32Swap a 32 bit value
hostToLE16Convert 16 bit value to little endian
hostToLE32Convert 32 bit value to little endian
hostToBE16Convert 16 bit value to big endian
hostToBE32Convert 32 bit value to big endian
lEToHost16Convert 16 bit value from little endian
lEToHost32Convert 32 bit value from little endian
bEToHost16Convert 16 bit value from big endian
bEToHost32Convert 32 bit value from big endian

List of C Libraries
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