@CHIP-RTOS C Library - External Disk API

Header File:         #include <EXTDISK.H>

Here is the CLIB API for an external disk B: and D: drive.   This interface allows you to add an external B: or D: drive.   This drive must be block (sector) oriented.   Each sector should be 512 bytes long.   The application must provide a software interrupt 0xB1 function for drive B: or 0xB2 for drive D: to read and write these sectors on this drive.

On SC1x systems, the maximum disk size is about 2 Gigabytes.   (This limitation is due to the FAT16 disk format used on SC1x systems.)   SC1x systems support only drive B:

The SC1x3/SC2x systems support FAT32 format. The maximum disk size on SC1x3/SC2x systems is about 8 Terabytes.   The maximum file size is 2**32 bytes minus one cluster (=32 kbyte), which is about 4 Gigabyte.   SC1x3/SC2x systems support drive B: and drive D:.  

Driver Functions

Extdisk_install_driveInstall a drive B:
Extdisk_remove_driveDeinstall the drive B:
Extdisk_install_drive2Install a drive D:
Extdisk_remove_drive2Deinstall the drive D:

Status Functions

Extdisk_install_callbackInstall a notification callback
Extdisk_remove_callbackDeinstall the notification callback

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