Header File:         #include <CAN_API.H>

The CLIB API definition for sending and receiving data on the CAN (Controller Area Network) buses is defined here.   This API is only available in the SC1x3/SC2x @CHIP-RTOS.

The SC1x3/SC2x offers two CAN bus channels which can be operated with this API.

Each CAN channel has three hardware transmit registers and a four CAN message deep hardware receiver FIFO.   The CAN driver provides send and receive software FIFO's with user specified sizes around each of these hardware devices.

One required step in using the CAN ports is to call the CAN_Open_Port() function, which configures the port for a specific baud rate and sets the driver's software FIFO sizes.

In hardware, each receive channel offers three configurable receiver filters which can be used to reduce the load placed on the CPU by the CAN receivers.   These registers are configured with the CAN_Rx_Filters() function.


Configuration Functions

CAN_Open_PortOpen specified CAN port
CAN_Rx_FiltersConfigure receive filters
CAN_ReconfigReconfigure CAN port
CAN_ControlEnable, disable and purge
CAN_Close_PortShut down specified CAN port

Transmit Functions

CAN_SendOutput a CAN message

Receive Functions

CAN_RecvPickup a received CAN message
CAN_PeekLook at received CAN message, leave in queue

Status Functions

CAN_StatusCheck port status
CAN_Error_CountsCheck port error counts
CAN_Event_SleepSleep until port event occurs
CAN_Set_CallbackInstall/Remove ISR callback

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