Header File:         #include <BIOS_API.H>

    stdio     Files     Ethernet/PPP      IPC@CHIP®    

Here are the interface definition for the BIOS Interrupts.

The system BIOS in a regular PC offers many services, only a subset of which is required in embedded systems.   This subset is described here.

Some additional functions not found in a normal PC BIOS are provided for your convenience.


stdio Functions

BIOS_kbhitTest if character is ready on standard input.
BIOS_getchGet character from standard input, with wait.
BIOS_putchOutput character on standard output.
BIOS_Set_FocusSelect stdio focus.
BIOS_Set_Focus_HotkeySet the stdio focus key.
BIOS_Select_StdioSpecify stdin/stdout channels.
BIOS_Get_StdioCheck stdin/stdout channels.
BIOS_Install_User_StdioInstall user stdio handlers.

Files Functions

BIOS_Get_File_Sharing_ModeCheck the file sharing mode.
BIOS_Set_File_Sharing_ModeEnable/Disable file sharing.
BIOS_Fast_FindfirstFast findfirst.
BIOS_Fast_FindnextFast findnext.
BIOS_Fast_Find_DoneUnlock directory after search.
BIOS_Get_File_NameGet file name by handle.
BIOS_LFN_FindfirstLong file name findfirst.
BIOS_LFN_FindnextLong file name findnext.
BIOS_LFN_Find_DoneUnlock directory after search.
BIOS_LFN_Get_NameGet long file name by handle.
BIOS_Disk_InfoReport disk statistics.
BIOS_Disk_SpaceReport disk bytes free.
BIOS_Disk_CloseClose disk.

Ethernet/PPP Functions

BIOS_Get_MACGet MAC address of the Ethernet interface.
BIOS_Get_MAC2Get MAC address of the second ethernet interface.
BIOS_Config_Server_LevelChange level for configuration server.
BIOS_Server_On_OffSuspend/Resume system servers.
BIOS_Server_StateGet state of system servers.
BIOS_Ethernet_StateDetect Ethernet link state.
BIOS_Connection_HandlerInstall a system server connection handler.
BIOS_Set_Ethernet_ModeSet operation mode of the internal ethernet controller.
BIOS_Set_ServerCredentialsModify user/password settings for FTP,Telnet or SSH server.
BIOS_Install_UDP_Cfg_CallbackInstall a UDP Config Server user callback.
BIOS_Get_PPPServer_IPGet the IP address of the PPP server.
BIOS_Get_PPPClient_IPGet the IP address of the PPP client.

IPC@CHIP Functions

BIOS_Get_Serial_NumberGet the serial number of the IPC@CHIP®.
BIOS_Get_Product_Serial_NumberGet the serial number of the BECK product.
BIOS_Get_Hardware_RevGet the hardware revision number of the IPC@CHIP® device.
BIOS_Get_Product_Hardware_RevGet the hardware revision number of the BECK product.
BIOS_Get_Boot_VersionGet bootstrap version number.
BIOS_Get_RTOS_VersionGet RTOS version.
BIOS_Version_StringGet RTOS version string.
BIOS_ExecuteExecute a command shell command.
BIOS_ExecuteExtExecute a shell command with feedback.
BIOS_Set_Timer_0x1CSet timer 0x1C interval.
BIOS_Set_Timer_0xAFSet timer 0xAF interval.
BIOS_Set_Batch_ModeSet Batch file mode.
BIOS_Batch_ContinueContinue batch file execution.
BIOS_Get_FeaturesReport RTOS features.
BIOS_Power_SaveEnter low power standby mode.
BIOS_Power_SaveExMake power save mode settings.
BIOS_Install_Error_HandlerInstall a user fatal error handler.
BIOS_Set_ErrorSet fatal error record
BIOS_Install_IntNotSupported_HandlerInstall a user int not supported handler.
BIOS_RebootReboot the CPU.
BIOS_Set_Ini_StringInsert an entry into CHIP.INI.
BIOS_Get_Ini_StringGet an entry from CHIP.INI.
BIOS_Set_Ini_String_ExtInsert an entry into given INI file.
BIOS_Get_Ini_String_ExtGet an entry from given INI file.
BIOS_Get_Device_NamesGet the IPC@CHIP® device names.
BIOS_Get_Device_NamesExGet the IPC@CHIP® device names. (Extended)
BIOS_Set_Memory_GapSet a memory gap between DOS programs.
BIOS_Write_Persistent_DataWrites persistent data into the @CHIPs Flash memory
BIOS_Read_Persistent_DataReads persistent data from the @CHIPs Flash memory.

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