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System Tasks

The RTOS itself creates a set of tasks used to support the IPC@CHIP® services. Your application programs will be executing concurrently with these built-in tasks. The fact that these RTOS tasks exists is particularly relevant when you choose priorities for your own application program's tasks.

Each task in the IPC@CHIP® system must have a unique four letter task name. Consequently the user must take care to avoid the names used by these system tasks when naming tasks.

System Task List

The priorities stated here are the default priorities. They can be changed with CHIP.INI entries. The values are in decimal, where 0 is highest priority. Some tasks may not be present in your system due to your system configuration specified in the CHIP.INI configuration file. For these tasks the relevant configuration file parameter is stated here with a hyper-link.

 AMXK     priority = 0     Kernel task (including RTX timer callbacks)
 _KCB     priority = 2     Kernel error callback task
 TCPT     priority = 10    TCP/IP timer task
 _DBG     priority = 15    Debugger PROBE
 ETH0     priority = 14    Ethernet receiver task (IP ETH_ENABLE)
 PPPS     priority = 16    PPP server (PPPSERVER ENABLE)
 PPPC     priority = 16    PPP client (PPPCLIENT ENABLE)
 USB0     priority = 18    USB task
 CFGS     priority = 30    UDP config server (UDPCFG LEVEL)
 SSHD     priority = 37    SSH server (SSH ENABLE)
 TELN     priority = 38    Telnet server (TELNET ENABLE)
 MTSK     priority = 40    Console task / Command shell
 WEBS     priority = 90    Web server (WEB ENABLE)
 FTPS     priority = 90    FTP server (FTP ENABLE)
 TFTD     priority = 90    TFTP server (TFTP ENABLE)
 SSLW     priority = 90    Secure Socket Layer Web server (WEB SSL_ENABLE)
 _IKE     priority = 100   IKE task (IPSEC ENABLE)
 _NAP     priority = 128   Background task for low power modes.

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