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timeval Struct Reference
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Time structure. More...

Detailed Description

Time interval storage, used by the socket API function select(). Note that the wait time resolution within the select() implementation is only to milliseconds. The maximum wait time supported is 2**31 milliseconds (~ 24 days). Higher values will result in undefined behavior.

If the Beck C-library header file TCPIP_Types.h containing this structure definition is included prior to the GNU standard C-library <sys/time.h> header file, then a "redefinition of 'struct timeval'" error will occur. When both header files are used, this Beck header file must be included after the GNU standard C-library <sys/time.h> header file in order to avoid this error.

SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00
CLIB V1.40: Exclude this second definition when <sys/time.h> was already included.

Data Fields

long tv_sec
long tv_usec

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