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tIPSEC_POLICY_PAIR Struct Reference
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Detailed Description

This data structure is used by the IPsec_Add_Policy() API to map policy selectors to IP security policies.

typedef struct sIPSEC_POLICY_PAIR
    unsigned short iSelectorIndex;
    unsigned char  bContentIndex;
    unsigned char  bDirection;

The selectors and content referred to here are the arguments to the IPsec_Add_Policy() API.

The relationships between the IP security policy data structures provided by the tIPSEC_POLICY_PAIR are illustrated in the diagram below. Policy bundles are formed where consecutive tIPSEC_POLICY_PAIR contain the same iSelectorIndex values. A policy bundle would be used, for example, when both AH and ESP protocols are to be applied. The protocol transform indicated by the first referenced tIPSEC_POLICY_CONTENT in the bundle is applied to outgoing packets first (inner header), followed by the protocol headers for the subsequent transforms in the bundle.

Note that when both ESP and AH protocols are used, the ESP is normally the inner protocol (listed first in the tIPSEC_POLICY_CONTENT array) and the AH protocol is the outer header (listed after ESP). This normal ordering of headers is a requirement for interfacing to Microsoft Windows (unless you know of someway to rig Windows otherwise).

SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00
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Data Fields

unsigned short iSelectorIndex
unsigned char bContentIndex
unsigned char bDirection

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