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IPsec Policy Content. More...

Detailed Description

This data structure is used to specify the content of an IP Security policy.

typedef struct sIPSEC_POLICY_CONTENT
    unsigned short          RuleFlags ;
    unsigned char           AuthAlg ;
    unsigned char           EncryptAlg ;
    unsigned long           LifeSeconds ;
    unsigned long           LifeKbytes ;
    struct sIPSEC_TUNNEL    Tunnel ;
    unsigned short          _spare_ ;

Each instance of this structure may specify either AH or ESP, but not both. More than one structure is required when both protocols are desired.

When tunnel mode is specified by the RuleFlags, the Tunnel member must provide the end points of this tunnel.

SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00
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Data Fields

unsigned short RuleFlags
unsigned char AuthAlg
unsigned char EncryptAlg
unsigned long LifeSeconds
unsigned long LifeKbytes
struct sIPSEC_TUNNEL Tunnel
unsigned short _spare_

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