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tIPSEC_FILE_HEADER Struct Reference
[IPsec types]

IP Security binary policy data file header format. More...

Detailed Description

This data structure is used internally by the IPsec_Store_Policy() API.

typedef struct sIPSEC_FILE_HEADER
    unsigned short  Sanity_Check ;
    unsigned short  File_Version ;
    unsigned short  SelectorCount ;
    unsigned short  ContentCount ;
    unsigned short  PairCount ;
    unsigned short  PresharedKeyCount ;

This structure is provided in order that the IP security's binary policy file can be specified. These binary files are used by the POLICY_FILE entry in the CHIP.INI file to restore IP security policies at system startup time and by the IPsec_Restore_Policy() API at run time.

Following the header are SelectorCount tIPSEC_POLICY_SELECTOR data structures.

These are then followed by ContentCount tIPSEC_POLICY_CONTENT data structures.

These are followed by PairCount tIPSEC_POLICY_PAIR data structures.

These are followed by PresharedKeyCount zero terminated ASCII strings. Each of these strings contains both an IP address and preshared key string concatenated with a semicolon in same format used for the PRESHARED_KEY CHIP.INI entries.

If the policy file was created by the BeckIPSec Windows PC tool, then the block of preshared key strings may be followed by a sequence of zero terminated ASCII strings representing IP domain names. This block of information in the file is ignored by the RTOS. The sequence of these domain names match the sequence that the IPSEC_IP1_DOMAIN and IPSEC_IP2_DOMAIN flags appear in the Usage bytes of the tIPSEC_ADDR structures and HAVE_DOMAIN_NAME flags bits in the FamilyLocal and FamilyRemote bytes of the tIPSEC_TUNNEL structures.

SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00
See also:
IPsec_Store_Policy(),     IPsec_Restore_Policy(), POLICY_FILE

Data Fields

unsigned short Sanity_Check
unsigned short File_Version
unsigned short SelectorCount
unsigned short ContentCount
unsigned short PairCount
unsigned short PresharedKeyCount

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