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sTRY_CATCH Struct Reference
[RTX Data Structures and Type Definitions]

Object used for TryDejavu() exception trap implementation. More...

Detailed Description

typedef struct tTRY_CATCH 
    unsigned int    tcSignat1 ;
    unsigned int    tcSignat2 ;
    unsigned int    tcRtnAdr ;
    unsigned int    tcStkPtr ;
    // Fault diagnostic data.
    unsigned int    tcProblem ;
    unsigned int    tcFaultAddr ;
    unsigned int    tcFaultData1 ;
    unsigned int    tcFaultData2 ;
    // Context
    unsigned int    tcSda2 ;
    unsigned int    tcGpr[19] ;


When an MMU exception occurs after a procedure has registered itself with the TryDejavu(), the faulting thread's execution will transfer suddenly into else path of the IF/ELSE construction. Within this path, the fault diagnostic data members of this data structure are meaningful. These four members are the only data likely to be of interest to users. The remainder are implementation details.

More detailed fault diagnostic data can be obtained with the ERRORS shell command 'Dump' option.

See also:
ERRORS shell command
SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00

Data Fields

unsigned int tcSignat1
unsigned int tcSignat2
unsigned int tcRtnAdr
unsigned int tcStkPtr
unsigned int tcProblem
unsigned int tcFaultAddr
unsigned int tcFaultData1
unsigned int tcFaultData2
unsigned int tcSda2
unsigned int tcGpr [19]

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