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mallinfo Struct Reference
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Detailed Description

An instance of this structure is returned by the mallinfo() function. The hblks and usmblks members which are unused in the GNU usage of this structure are defined here for Beck specific purposes.

struct mallinfo {
  int arena;  
  int ordblks;
  int smblks;
  int hblks;
  int hblkhd;
  int usmblks;
  int fsmblks;
  int uordblks;
  int fordblks;
  int keepcost;
SC2x3 V1.05 - CLIB V1.03

Data Fields

int arena
int ordblks
int smblks
int hblks
int hblkhd
int usmblks
int fsmblks
int uordblks
int fordblks
int keepcost

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