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UserEthDhcp_Entry Struct Reference
[Device Driver type definitions]

DHCP configuration data. More...

Detailed Description

Repesents the DHCP configuration data, avail after DHCP process

SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00
CLIB V1.60 - Fixed definition of this data structure

Data Fields

unsigned long BootSIpAddress
unsigned long Dns1ServerIpAddress
unsigned long Dns2ServerIpAddress
unsigned long Yiaddr
unsigned long NetMask
unsigned long DefRouter
unsigned long LeaseDefRouter
unsigned long DhcpServerId
unsigned long internal1
unsigned long DhcpLeaseTime
unsigned long DhcpT1
unsigned long DhcpT2
unsigned short BootFileSize
unsigned long internal2
unsigned long NetBiosNameServers [2]
unsigned char NetBiosNumNameServers
unsigned char DhcpClientIdLength
unsigned char DhcpHostNameLength
unsigned char DhcpClientIDPtr [16]
unsigned char DhcpHostNamePtr [16]
unsigned char DomainName [64]
unsigned char BootSname [64]
unsigned char BootFileName [128]

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