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UsbEp Struct Reference
[USB constants and data types]

Detailed Description

This structure represents the information from an endpoint descriptor. It is returned by the API function usbHostGetEpInfo(). For detailed information on endpoint descriptors refer to the USB specification.

SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00
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/* The following UsbEp data structure could be returned by the function
 * usbHostGetEpInfo() for one of a USB flash drive device's endpoints.
  USB_SPEC_TRANSFER_TYPE_BULK,  // transferType:      Bulk endpoint
  64,                           // maxPacketSize:     Max. 64 bytes/packet
  0,                            // interval:          Not used for bulk endpoints
  NULL,                         // specificDesc:      No class or vendor-specific
                                //                    descriptor
  0                             // specificDescLength


Data Fields

unsigned char transferType
unsigned short maxPacketSize
unsigned char interval
char * specificDesc
unsigned short specificDescLength

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