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UsbDevice Struct Reference
[USB constants and data types]

Detailed Description

This structure represents the information from the device descriptor of a device. It is returned by the API function usbHostGetDeviceInfo(). For detailed information on the device descriptor refer to the USB specification.

SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00
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/* The following UsbDevice data structure could be returned by the function
 * usbHostGetDeviceInfo() for a USB flash drive device.
  0x0200,  // usbVersion:              2.0
  0x00,    // classCode:               Class defined at interface level
  0x00,    // subClassCode
  0x00,    // protocolCode
  64,      // maxPacketSizeEp0:        Maximum packet size on endpoint o is 64
  0x0781,  // vendorId:                SanDisk Corporation
  0x5408,  // productId
  0x0010,  // version:                 0.1
  1,       // manufacturerStringIndex: Manufacturer name has string index 1
  2,       // productStringIndex:      Product name has string index 2
  3,       // serialNumberStringIndex: Serial number has string index 3
  1        // nConfiguration:          1 configuration


Data Fields

unsigned short usbVersion
unsigned char classCode
unsigned char subClassCode
unsigned char protocolCode
unsigned char maxPacketSizeEp0
unsigned short vendorId
unsigned short productId
unsigned short version
unsigned char manufacturerStringIndex
unsigned char productStringIndex
unsigned char serialNumberStringIndex
unsigned char nConfiguration

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