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UsbConfig Struct Reference
[USB constants and data types]

Detailed Description

This structure represents the information from the configuration descriptor of a device. It is returned by the API function usbHostGetConfigInfo(). For detailed information on the configuration descriptor refer to the USB specification.

SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00
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/* The following UsbConfig data structure could be returned by the function
 * usbHostGetConfigInfo() for a USB flash drive device.
  1,      // nInterface:          1 interface
  0,      // stringIndex:         No configuration string
  FALSE,  // selfPowered:         No, bus-powered
  FALSE,  // remoteWakeup:        Not supported
  50,     // maxPowerConsumption: 50 * 2 mA = 100 mA
  NULL,   // specificDesc:        No class or vendor-specific descriptor
  0       // specificDescLength


Data Fields

unsigned char nInterface
unsigned char stringIndex
UsbBool selfPowered
UsbBool remoteWakeup
unsigned char maxPowerConsumption
char * specificDesc
unsigned short specificDescLength

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