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RTX_DETAIL_TASK Struct Reference
[RTX Data Structures and Type Definitions]

RTX task details. More...

Detailed Description

For compatibility with future @CHIP-RTOS-PPC releases, code which is handling these objects in arrays (e.g. as returned by the RTX_Wait_Queue() function) should use the dtStructSize member to advance the array pointer by this number of bytes. The actual structures reported in the future may have additional data appended to the data structure specified here.

typedef struct tag_rtx_detail_task
    RTX_ID        dtHandle ;
    char          dtName[4] ;
    BYTE          dtType ;
    BYTE          dtProgNum ;
    WORD          dtWaitAttrib ;
    WORD          dtPriority ;
    BYTE          dtPreBoost ;
    BYTE          dtWaitType ;
    char          dtWaitName[4] ;
    RTX_ID        dtWaitObj ;
    DWORD         dtWaitParam ;
    DWORD         dtWaitParam2 ;
    DWORD         dtWaitParam3 ;
    DWORD         dtParam ;
    unsigned int  dtStatus ;
    DWORD         dtIp ;
    DWORD         dtSp ;
    DWORD         dtLr ;
    QWORD         dtExeTime ;
    DWORD         dtStackBottom ;
    WORD          dtAttributes ;
    WORD          dtStructSize ;
    DWORD         dtTimeSlice ;
See also:
RTX_Count_Resources()     RTX_Wait_Queue()      RTX_NewTask()
SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00


Data Fields

RTX_ID dtHandle
char dtName [4]
BYTE dtType
BYTE dtProgNum
WORD dtWaitAttrib
WORD dtPriority
BYTE dtPreBoost
BYTE dtWaitType
char dtWaitName [4]
RTX_ID dtWaitObj
DWORD dtWaitParam
DWORD dtWaitParam2
DWORD dtWaitParam3
DWORD dtParam
unsigned int dtStatus
QWORD dtExeTime
void * dtStackBottom
WORD dtAttributes
WORD dtStructSize
DWORD dtTimeSlice

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