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RTX_COUNTS Struct Reference
[RTX Data Structures and Type Definitions]

RTX resource counts. More...

Detailed Description

typedef struct tag_rtx_counts
    unsigned int    nTask_In_Use ;
    unsigned int    nObj_Max ;
    unsigned int    nObj_Avail ;
    unsigned int    nSem_In_Use ;
    unsigned int    nTimer_In_Use ;
    unsigned int    nEventGrp_In_Use ;
    unsigned int    nMsg_Xchg_In_Use ;
    unsigned int    nEnvelop_Avail ;
    unsigned int    nEnvelop_In_Use ;
    unsigned int    nReport_Cnt ;
    unsigned int    nReport_Bytes ;
    unsigned int    nHeapTotal ;
    unsigned int    nHeapFree ;
    unsigned int    nHeapUsed ;
    unsigned int    nHeapLargestBlk ;
    unsigned int    Internal_Err ;
See also:
RTX_Count_Resources()     RTX_Wait_Queue()
This data structure has been redesigned for this system and is not fully compatible with the same structure from the SC1x, SC2x and SC1x3 C-Library.
SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00


Data Fields

unsigned int nTask_In_Use
unsigned int nObj_Max
unsigned int nObj_Avail
unsigned int nSem_In_Use
unsigned int nTimer_In_Use
unsigned int nEventGrp_In_Use
unsigned int nMsg_Xchg_In_Use
unsigned int nEnvelop_Avail
unsigned int nEnvelop_In_Use
unsigned int nReport_Cnt
unsigned int nReport_Bytes
unsigned int nHeapTotal
unsigned int nHeapFree
unsigned int nHeapUsed
unsigned int nHeapLargestBlk
unsigned int Internal_Err

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