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ProgFeedbackS Struct Reference
[BIOS API types and data structures]

Used by BIOS_ExecuteExt() API for invoking another program with feedback. More...

Detailed Description

A pointer to this type is passed in the report parameter to the BIOS_ExecuteExt() API when invoking a child program. The invoked child program may use the progParentData() library function to retrieve a pointer to this object which should reside back in the parent program, thereby putting the two programs into direct communication with one another.

The parent program must have user mode write access permission into the object at report or the argument will be ignored by the system.

The child program can then optionally write back into this object, provided that the calling program had set the pfSize member non-zero to indicate that the child should have write permission. Otherwise the child program can only read from this area (unless the child program calls RTX_MemWindow() on this space). When the parent program sets the pfSize member non-zero, a write enabled window into this space (rounded up and down to 4 kByte MMU page boundaries) will be granted to the child program with an implicit call made to RTX_MemWindow() from within the @CHIP-RTOS-PPC as the new program is launched.

User defined data may follow the pfExitCode member. Any such data will be for application program specific use, shared between parent program which had called BIOS_ExecuteExt() and the invoked child program.

SC2x3 V1.05 - CLIB V1.03
See also:
BIOS_ExecuteExt()     progParentData()

Data Fields

unsigned int pfSize
int pfExitCode

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